Inquisition Confession – Week 16

My sweet darling readers…..

I'm so brain dead. I've started a temp job for at least a month the other day, but there is the possibility of it becoming permanent if God feels like smiling on me. Don't get me wrong. I'm so happy to be working it isn't even funny. Even though it is so stressful and I'm trying to learn a million things at once. I find pleasure in a job well done. Especially so in that my boss actually knows how to say THANK YOU. (I'll wait while you pick yourselves off the floor…) But still my brain is so deep fried and my whole body….. burns with pain (the size of the office I have to maneuver in is HUGE… I wish I could wear roller skates!) that I've had to type and re-type this sentence more times than I will ever admit to. So What? You may think.

Well, SO.. is that instead of working 7 hr days… I'm working 12 hour days instead. No lunch. Straight through. It is SO BUSY. My brain is fried like KFC. But still? I don't mind all that much. I'm just exhausted is all.

An Update: So far so good for the one remaining fuzzy baby. He/She is eating a lot – ok, constantly- and already the ears are getting dark and some of the fur on the face. YAAAAY! Looks like I might get a blue pointor seal point Himalayan. I am SO keeping this cat. HE is a miniature of it's Daddy, my big boy Maximus.

I suppose I should get right to the Q&A time, shouldn't I? Well….. alrighty then! *wink*

Cheryl b came up with:

This is not THE QUESTION, but when you move back to the states to live on the commune with me and the other ladies will you be able to bring your fur babies out of the country?

Here's THE QUESTION: are there any Bloggers that you have a crush on?

First things first Cheryl. The commune. I've had my bags packed forever. Last I heard you and Carrie Jo were going to come and kidnap me and not ask for ransom. What happened? *sniff, pout* I thought y'all dumped me!

*crickets chirping*

Ok. To your first question's answer. The one that isn't THE QUESTION. SURVEY SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYSSSSSSSSSSSSS………………………

Have cats, will travel. (ditto if I ever get a doggie) My pets are like my AMEX card. (Except I don't have one! An AMEX card, silly!) I brought cats with me when I moved here (Isis and her sister Princess) How many cats can say they had an overnight stay at Paris's EuroDisney? Mine can!

So…… yeah baybeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make sure there is plenty of space for my fuzzy ones on the commune, hmmm? They are awfully friendly, so don't worry.

Now for your REAL question. You know. THE question. *snicker*

Actually, all the ones on my 'blogroll'. A little secret? If I love your blog and read it? I save it in my favorites under "Loved and Adored Blogs".

I don't read just infertility blogs either. I read all sorts of blogs. Mommy Blogs, more Mommy blogs, Daddy blogs, other Daddy blogs,New Daddy-to-be blogs…. Wonderful-women-trying-to-adopt-blogs (aka: mommies in training), New Mommy blogs... women what wonder why the hell can't I do such a normal thing blogs. lovely-ladies- that-crack-my-ass-UP!-and- love-Harry Potter –like-me-and-aren't-afraid-to-admit-it-either blogs, Shoe addicts like me, or purse addicts with adorable puppies and puddytats that make me laugh so hard I almost pee my damn self blogs.

I have 'girl crushes' on two female bloggers: Ollie and Miss Doxie. Ollie is just, amazing, sweet and funny and so talented in ways I could only dream of. The cartoon.. whatever, "Adventures of Hormona…" is excellent and oh, so true. (I wanted to be her sidekick, but she wouldn't listen! *pouts* ) Oh well. At least she likes my Wand Monkey character. Miss Doxie is another one. She Cracks my ass up. Yes, with a capital 'C'. Her drunk posts actually give some other bloggers I know a run for their blog hits. I wish to GOD ABOVE she would post more often. (hint hint Doxie dahling!)

Ask anyone that knows me. I've got a huge capacity for love. Plenty to go around for everyone. I've got a little crush on my readers and BIG OLD CRUSHES on the ones that actually COMMENT on my blog every now and then too! So go on babycakes, crawl into my heart and get comfy. You're gonna be there for a while!

For the record, my blogroll includes so many more than the ones I linked to and it is growing every day… much like "The BLOB".

Now on to my next question from Catrina, who asked, okl her daughter asked……..:

Question: This one is from Jazzy.....Do you see any American soldiers where you live?

Well Jazzy, I sure do honey! Everywhere I turn too! While they are not in uniform but in regular clothes. It's kind of hard to miss them. They are EVERYWHERE. Bahrain is the base for the Navy's 5th fleet and there is a huge ass platoon or three of Marines stationed here also.

It's nice for me, because when I see them or hear them talking when they walk by, it's a little piece of home.

This week Mare asked me a really interesting question that made me look deep within myself.

Ok, here's a real question. Um…hmm…okay. Tell us some things you feel you must absolutely do (or places you must go) before you die.

Thinks I want to do.. HAVE to do or places I must go before I go to my extremely just reward for not offing the wicked witch of the Middle East…….hmmmmmmmm……

I would really like to have another child. Badly. (Duh. Like you all don't already know that! Silly me.) I want to own my own home. I don't particularly care where, as long as I have a place I can call my own so that I don't have to worry about where I will sleep at nights when I get old. IF I get old.

I want to write a book, and if I'm lucky, get my tail published! Actually, I would be happy to break the writer's block I have on the book I've started and have 12 chapters written. That would be nice. Maybe I will get an opportunity to publish my blog in book form. That would be cool. (Or turn it into a series?)

I want to take ballroom dancing and particularly quick-step classes. I want to learn to speak Italian. I would like to swim with dolphins. (I'm really serious here) And I'm determined to do it eventually too, even if I'm 70 or 80 (if I live that long)! And hold/pet a baby tiger or lion- a big cat, get the idea?- and a panda. (I love me some panda's y'all!) Have you ever seen a 'baby-toddler' panda bear? OH MY WORD. ADORABLE.

I want to see Stonehenge even though it is just a pile of rocks. The Pyramids at Giza. These places are awesome in that the people that created them had none of our knowledge, tools and conveniences and yet moved big ass rocks and monoliths over great distances that weighed hundreds of tons. And when they arrived at their destination? They moved them UP. Fascinating. I went to Persopolis in Iran and I was blown away. I went twice during the same trip in fact. It must have been something else before Alexander burned it down. I can only imagine it. I'm sure it was magnificent to behold.

I want to take a tour of castles-preferably exploring on my own, not only those touristy ones- even deserted ones and I plan to spend a night or two in one (the converted to hotel ones, naturally!).

I want to learn to snow ski. I don't know how. Knowing me? I'll probably break both legs. Anyone care to teach me how to ski? Or how to ice-skate even? Do I sound completely lame that I don't know how? *sigh* I want to ride on a Harley. I don't necessarily have to drive it, but at least ride on one.

I always said since I was about 7 years old that wanted to see a Siegfried & Roy show before one of them gets mauled. Damn, I never did get to see one. Does anyone remember when they used to have a show about once a year on TV? I was fascinated by it. The magic was cool, sure, but it was the big cats involved that impressed me. I'll just be you I know exactly how Roy Horn feels now. Those are his babies and, well, shit happens, ya know?

Places I want to go. I MUST go back to Scotland and properly explore. I also have to go to Ireland. MUST GO TO THESE TWO PLACES. Actually, honestly? I wouldn't mind being buried in either place. (I sure as hell don't wanna be buried HERE, that's for DAMN SURE.)

I have always wanted to see St. Petersburg. All over Italy. I want to go to the Caribbean again. I loved it. Preferably on a cruise ship again. I love taking cruises.

I want to see my Nana's house on Long Island, NY once more through my adult's eyes and the pond nearby I used to go with her to feed the ducks. I want to be held in my father's arms one more time and just 'be' for a little while.

How was that Mare? I know, I know, ask a simple question and get a long-ass answer. Well, you know me!

And that my dears brings this weeks' Inquisition to a close. I realize it took forever and a day to get my answers up and for that I humbly apologize. I'd like to suggest, since it is already SATURDAY, that you start giving me your questions from now for this week.


I just found out that this wonderful blogger is accidentally pregnant-OOPSY!!!!!!!!!-without the nasty ffed up Clomid or anything else horrid. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY. (It gives idiots like me a shred, a frayed one mind you, but a tiny, itsy bitsy, teeeny weenie bit of hope.)

Congratulations Amy and Jason. I am really and truly happy for you. Much love and may you not fall down any more stairs, cause Amy honey? My name's Scarlett darling… NOT YOU! *Mwah, squishy hug*

Good heavens. Am I the only one NOT knocked up of the blogs I read?

Cat? Carrie Jo? Tag, you're IT!


Mare_Imbrium said...

oooh, good things, all. I want to go to Egypt too. I have since I was 11 years old and we did the ancient Egypt unit in school. One day hopefully we will. I wouldn't mind taking a cruise on the Nile, either.

Ollie said...

Oh you sweet lady you. I just came by and had missed this entire Inquisition post before. You know you have Hormona written all over you. For the record, you're a friend crush too, Miss Thang.