Hello! I'm pissed at BLOGGER.....again.

Hi. It's me. You probably thought I dropped off a cliff, didn't YOU?

Well I didn't. Blogger was being a sh*thead, is what.

I posted a lovely DOUBLE POST MIND YOU DAMMIT yesterday for St. Patrick's Day, me being Irish and all that, and BLOGGER WOULDN'T let me POST, the asswipes. Gee, can you tell I'm a little bit perturbed by that? Yeah, I thought you could.

I have to wish all my friends, and most especially my readers of Irish extraction (or those that are purely) Irish a very happy and belated St. Patrick's Day.

May the luck (not mine tho, cause is sucks) of the Irish be with you. May the wind always be at your back. May you find a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow, and if you do so? May you share some of your shiny windfall with your friend and fav-o'rite blogger, Scarlett Cyn!

My Irish eyes are smiling..... at YOU! KISS ME, I'M IRISH!!!!!!!! *puckers*

Anyway, I had also attemped to post about a funny happening at work yesterday, since it was one of those "I'M SO BLOGGING THIS!!!!!" moments.

I'm sit at my desk minding my own business when my office phone rings. Fine. I answer. The male voice on the other end asks for me. "Speaking, how may I help you?" I reply.

The guy begins by telling me that he was in visiting the Corporrate Banking Manager (who's office is about 20 ft from me) the other day and met me and do I remember him? He is a friend of T (the Mgr) Kept mentioning the name of T. Now please remember, I work in a bank, but not the retail part, I work for the CEO of a bank, dammit. Anyway.... I said "How can I help you?" and ... here's your blow-by-blow:

Caller: "Well I was wondering, what I should do this weekend"
Me: ---??----um? this weekend?"
Caller: yes. do you havve any idea?
Me: "Oh, are you here in Bahrain for the weekend then?" (not getting it at this point, obviously and still being all helpful and professional, although still damn confused)
Caller: "No. I live here."
Me: ----??!!-----uh......
Caller: "So what do YOU usually do on the weekend Cynthia?"
Me: (suspicion slowly creeping in to mby brain) Spend. Time. With. My. Family."
Caller: "Oh, so then you don't really go out on the weekend then? You don't have any suggestions for me"
Me: "Other than with my family, um, no"
Caller: "That's a shame. So, you won't go out this weekend then.. not with anyone..."

He went on for a while yet By this time, you probably realize that he was hitting on me. Yeah, A client of the bank was asking me out over the weekend. I went from being dumb to playing dumb. It was all rather.. awkward. And I was in shock. I mean he IS a client. He finally ended by saying "Then, I guess I can't see you until my appointment next week then. Take care Cyn. See you next week". Me: "Uh, huh.....".

I hung up the phone staring at the phone unit with my mouth gaping open and my eyes HUGE in shock... kinda how I would look if JAWS was coming at me.

A bank client was hitting on me.

Funny huh? Perv. That kind of blast's Z's theory out of the water, huh? I told him to see what he would say.... and he said "You're kidding? Huh. Well, it's your fault you didn't tell him you're married." (He doesn't think men are attracted to non-skinny girls. I'm not skinny by a longshot-heh-, but it's more voluptous and balanced quite nicely. Just cause HE doesn't like it, he thinks No one does. UGh!") Funny, I would swear I can hear Carrie Jo's hissyfit all the way over here on the other side of the planet.

My response to the DOH! remark of the week? "If he couldn't see this fat diamond wedding ring on my finger under all those halogen spotlights above my desk that make it blinding, it's not my fault! And what makes you think me being married would change ANYTHING? Some men find that more attractive. No strings. No expectations."

He just doesn't get it. And if he keeps up this line of thinking, he wont be getting anything else either!

PS: Can I throw out a little question? Am I being bitchy to be irritated in the extreme of his intense and obesessive intrest in his Niece's infertilty treatment cycle the past week or two? He knows DAY BY DAY what she's doing, injection amounts, no of follicles and size, and even went all over town with her hunting medicine AND went to the doctor with her.

I honestly would have said when he was remarking today "Do you think it worked? They had to do it like rabbits yesterday and today." I came very close and only just stopped myself from saying "I don't give a flying f*ck, actually." But I controlled myself. It would have started a huge arguement, and while it is probably needed, due to his complete lack of interest and support in our OWN trials last year, I honestly just am too exhausted at the moment.


cheryl b. said...

Testing, testing....

cheryl b. said...

Yay, blogger is lettting me comment! I think voluptous women are way hotter then skinny minnies (doesn't stop me from wanting to be skinny myself of course), if Z doesn't think you're hot then maybe he smokes too much crack. You are right to be pissed about his obsession with his niece's reproductive issues, I am and I'm not even you.

Indigo Wolf said...

I'm telling you, woman, that you are way to nice to Z. And if he reads this, good! No, you're not being too bitchy. I think you're not being bitchy enough. You should have said something like "Gee it would be nice for you to be that interested in our fertility process. What gives? It seems very strange that Z is so interested in what they're doing. Why is he being more of a husband to her than you?

PS: You're damn right I had a hissyfit! I know guys that would drool over you! Maybe you should start putting money away in your own secret account...now that you have a paycheck...

-Carrie Jo