I Think I Can, I Think I Can! I Think I Can, I Think I Can........

Sometimes I amaze myself.

There have been times in my life when I am completely and totally overwhelmed when I find myself thinking I have perhaps or DEFINTELY YOU SILLY BITCH taken on more than I can chew and find myself drowning in the project that I find myself thinking "I don't know if I can do this!" But I am continually amazed how I somehow manage to finish what I've given myself up for, regardless of how much it takes out of me to do so.

I feel a certain sense of pride to have accomplished something that even I doubted I could manage to come through on and complete, even if only for the barest minute or 5 of a mild panic attack

I had one of those times today.. again. At work. I was honestly All OVER THE PLACE and stretched oh so thin and wondering how in God's name a color printer that cost about US$9,000 can't print any faster than the snails pace it does. And also a pet peeve of mine with network printers?

When you click print, like a normal person, and have to make sure that proper letterhead is in, blah blah blah and you realize that some joker-usually your own boss- has hit print without your knowledge and there, my friend, goes your letterhead you just put in. So you have to reprint again. But AGAIN with the other person hitting the print button after you mentioned very clearly that you were GOING TO PRINT DAMMIT. repeat 4 times.

Last minute I had to send 6 proposals to the Board of Directors. Hmmmm. Nice, excecpt that my boss was travelling this afternoon , the stuff had to go with his signature and that after he signed? He took another look and started WRITING ON IT, which means that you have to REPRINT THE DAMN THING on said snail speed color printer AFTER YOU MAKE CHANGES but then he decides, once it's all reprinted mind you, that he liked the ORIGINAL ONE better that I did in the first place and can you just use that? Well no, sorry, because, well IT"S BEEN SHREDDED NOOOOOOWWWW

To qupte my darling girl Carrie Jo.... "fucknuggets".
*cue dizzying despair*

Well,I managed to complete EVERYTHING and then some until 7pm. Whew, I'm beat.

I'm going to take my dizzy little self off to bed before I flip off the computer chair.

Nightie night loves.

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oliviadrab said...

I don't know what is more staggering, the sheer volume of crap you have to do in a day or that someone else other than myself actually uses the term "fucknugget". That's been my favorite insulting swearword for at least ten years now.

But damn.. that's a lot of stuff you do. It's exhausting to think about.