I did what?

Well, here you have it. I'm going to give you proof that I've gone and lost my fucking mind. I hope you're prepared.

As if I don't have enough work on my hands already, I stuck my nose, ass, foot, mouth, whole body into something that I just couldn't leave well enough alone. New premises for the bank I work at.

Being a control freak is a bit of a bitch, actually. Gets me into all sorts of stuff. Like this for instance:

I have slowly been immersing myself into this business of locating a future site for the bank headquarters. What with the projections and all for the next year or so, we are going to outgrow where we currently are sooner than later, and there are two new projects, MAJOR projects going up right now. I noticed that my boss, the CEO, was being courted by THIS PLACE and after I nosily looked at the blueprints of the floor plan and building design (because this is a little hobby of mine that not many people know about. Hmm. Well, until now anyway!) I decided that it really would not do. No matter how pretty and cool they look. Because THIS is really so much better. There are several reasons why this is better, which I , in my devious way, pointed out to my boss by calling a guy I know that is running the development of MY CHOICE to arrange for a presentation.

OUR appointment with him is tomorrow. Did any of you catch that? I thought you might.

Yeah. I basically presented my very experienced opinion, because well, I've done such a project, sort of , in the past. Or been quite involved anyway. With one little exception. This boss? Freely gave me the power to take a big hand in this and he trusts my judgement, I think. Between that, my little blueprint hobby that I confessed to him also today, and me selfishly wanting to have us at the best location, he allowed me to involve my little control freak, OCD self.

Oh boy.

Then I went back to my desk all happy with my accomplishment to see my pile of work, only to mutter to myself…..I said what? I did what? Oh Gawd. I have GOT TO get my assistant SOON.

Then I went to pull my foot out of my mouth. Heh.

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