Oh no!

I had a rather frightening revelation of sorts recently that I didn't have time to blog about, although I meant to. I've just been so busy and all... I remembered it, even more frighteningly in the shower a little while ago. I just have to share it, terrifiying as it is.

Yes, I was in the shower, letting my mind wander as I sudsed up my hairas I often do. I get some of the best blog ideas there, where I can't do godddamn thing about it. But I digress.

So there I was...and I thought about my rather sadly comic life, and I thought that just the shit about Monster alone could give me 10 seasons of a sitcom, you know? She's a lot like that horny landlady from 3rd Rock from the Sun. Dresses like her too. Even Z says so. Anyhow, then I remembered that there revelation I had a few weeks ago.

Z and I have become Al & Peg Bundy, kinda. (Ok, I'll wait for Cat to pick herself off the floor and stop laughing) We are an upscale version of the Bundy's.

Now I don't dress like that or have that big of hair OR eat bonbons all day and I love to cook. I'm a GOOD COOK, Y'all! Z dresses better too, because, DUH, I wouldn't let him dress like that and he doesn't sell shoes. Don't I WISH? haha. (And Ari doesn't dress like a slut) Anyhoooo, there are a few similarities though. Like Al's reaction when Peg wants sex. Yeah. Painfully familliar that. And when Peg wants to go somewhere or do something. Uh-huh. Ouchy. Z sits in front of the TV zoned after work just like Al. But for the hand down the pants, it's kinda eerie.

Y'all may be wondering what triggered this relization. I mean, who would want to admit (albeit sadly) that they've become like that? Other than me, that is.

Well, we were flipping through cable tv and, for lack of anything better, came across an episode of Married With Children halfway through the episode. Right when Peg was trying to hint for a little nookie from that Al basssard. Z said to me "Hey Peg!!!" and I said "Yes AL?" which made him stop laughing at calling me Peg cause he got a good look at Al.

heh. I do what I can. It didn't make my realization that he had pretty much hit the nail on the head any easier to stomach,though. It hit me with the force of a sledgehammer and decidely startling. And all that?


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Catrina said...

I'm seeing it now! The smirk. Your comment. His face at the come back! HAHAHAHAHA! You are so quick!