Wish You Were Here!

I've got some really fun and cool co-workers, y'all.

There is this really pretty and very serious and straight (or so I thought) girl I work with. She is always so very reserved and professional almost to the point of being a wee bit snooty.

Well, let me tell you I soon took care of that!

Yesterday she was standing in front of my desk and I don't remember exactly what it was we were talking about, but I said something a wee bit outrageous as usual and her eyes got the size of saucers and she cracked up and ended up laughing long, loud, and hard (2 of my favorite things!*wink*) hanging over the counter in front of me eventually wiping a bit of moisture from her eyes. I felt a perverse sense of satisfaction to have made her laugh like that.

Apparently it was just the icebreaker she needed.

Case in point today. She called me about something or other and I answered her question. Then I asked if her supervisor was there with her, because I had been looking for him to give him a message. She said yes and so I asked to talk to him. This was my reply:

"Yes, he's here, but he's in the middle of showing his thing......erm..... GASP!!!!!!!!" followed by a big ole GUFFAW from her which made me completely lose the composure I was barely hanging onto by a thread from the minute she said "he's in the middle of showing his thing....". At least I was not alone doing laps in the gutter, mind to mind.

La la la la la. See? Don't y'all wish you were working with me? One schmuck heard me talking to my boss, the CEO of the bank on the phone, and, well, I talk to him the same way I would talk to you, basically because he likes me just the way I am, which is professional and blah blah in front of guests, etc.. but, well, Real with a capital R with him. So, this fella was watching me all goggle eyed talking on the phone to him and when I hung up he said " Aren't you afraid of him?" and I was immediately completely confused as to just what the fuck he was talking about, so I replied with what I am sure was one of the most truly befuddled looks you've ever seen on my face "Scared of who?" and he said "Your boss. How straighforward you speak with him" I said "Why on Earth would I be scared of him?"

My poor boss. He is SO not the kind of boss to be terrified of the whole day long. True, I wouldn't want him pissed or anything, but still!

So, every now and then I have a real good chuckle, even if it is ME cracking myself up.

Wish you were here! Truly.

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