Inquisition Confession Week 2 Gazillion and three

Hey babies! Tomorrow is Scarlett's Haven's FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to ME!

And to celebrate, I'm going to a friend's birthday tonight where I plan to get very friendly with the peach flavored vodka on the rocks, and/or lots of Amaretto most likely interspersed with rum. Most likely all , actually... Now to tide you over until you can find out how tipsy I ended up, read on babies, read on!

This week's questions read a little something like this:

Cheryl b asked me:

What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

This is a good one. Really.

I’m not much into eating ‘unique things” in that, I’m basically a Beef, Chicken/Turkey or Veggies kind of woman. Well, don’t tell anyone (Shhhhh!) but I really LOVE me some BACON. I have a thing about eating cute animals. I just can’t do it.

Chickens? Ugly. Cows? Generally speaking? Ugly. Turkeys? FUGLY. Pigs? They fall into a middle ground. See, baby pigs are cute. Adult pigs? Ugly.

Things I won’t eat even if you beg me? Rabbit. Deer. Squirrel. Quail. Frog’s legs. *gag*. Snake. (Although I am of the opinion the only good snake is a dead one, preferably on my shoes or purse)

I don’t like eating odd organs and parts, either. My husband eats liver, chicken liver, and the neck and sucks on cartilage and crap from bones and it GROSSES ME THE HELL OUT. *gag, retch* And for some strange reason, that is the time he decides he wants a kiss from me. Sorry, um, nooooooooooooooo. Garlic I can handle. Onions, I can handle. Kidneys and liver and stuff? Um, NO. Those organs clean the crap out of our bodies and you wanna eat that? Hell no.

I think the weirdest thing I’ve eaten would have to a tie between be shark and elephant steak. Shark was in the form of soup and it was TOTALLY due to a language-barrier type accident…I think. It was when we were living in Paris when I was 8, and I asked an ADULT to order me chicken soup. I noticed it tasted funny. A few bites in… between much sign language and bad English… we finally figured out it was shark and next thing I knew? I was gagging and running for the toilet. Ditto for the steak.

Enough about the food. Damn, but I'm hungry.

Catrina made me nostalgic and her question is right on, since she knows me so well! Cat asked me….

Does Manama have any type of theater arts? If so, what plays have you seen recently?

Cat. The only real theater type stuff is in Arabic, and I can’t understand most of it,but it’s not what we are used to. I think it is in the works to make something to have such plays and stuff here. But not yet.

I’m DYING to go to the theater. Proper theater arts. I miss it So. I have to content myself with TCM Channel for now. That’s one of the things I want to do when I come home for my visit this year. Hit some quality production theater. And I know just who to drag with me!

Meow meow.

To my most favorite Pirate Wench- you get TWO questions next week due to the whole repeat thing. I understand darling. The rum made you do it. MWAH!


Wenchie said...

I'm an idiot. You should dock me a question.

cheryl b. said...

It's the 21st where I'm at so, Happy Blogversary! I can honestly say that I have been reading this the whole time.

oliviadrab said...

Happy Blogiversary!!! Has it been a year already? I remember when you were just a commenter, promising everyone over at Julie's place that you would get your own blog. Ah they grow up so fast. hehehe

Here's to a kick ass second year. *clink*