I almost had an orgasm today at work. It was a near thing.

(Bet that got your attention, didn't it? Imagine the GOOGLE hits I'm going to get from this post. Heeeee, I'm such a blog whore sometimes!)

But I really did. Almost. Have. An Orgasm. A co-worker was very kind to assist me...

by giving me something new on the market here.... a Sara Lee Cinnamon Pecan Coffeecake Muffin. (Now, now, what did you think I meant??? Shame on you!) One bite of that coffecake muffin and I was moaning my head off, eyes closed in sheer bliss. Thank GOD I have my own little private office now and that my boss is away on a business trip. Whew!

It's. So. Goddamn. Good. Run.. don't walk(!!) to your nearest store and get one. See if I'm not right! (Which I am. Always.)

A question: based on this, does it mean if I eat more than one I can have multiple orgasms? I think I need to go shopping.



oliviadrab said...

I'm too busy with my freezerful of free Dove ice cream bar samples I got at work. Sometimes working in the corporate office of a convenience store has MAJOR perks.

But cinnamon rolls of ANY KIND rock my world, too.

katie said...

Oh my, my, my ......... *drools* ....... can I have one too? If what you sau is true, does that mean I can dump my boyfriend?

Hula Doula said...

DAMN! I'm on the stupid South Beach diet and haven't had sugar or bread for 3 weeks! Are you trying to kill me off???!!!??