Well, Hell.

I'm kind of embarassed, actually. I completely forgot to ask y'all for Inquisition questions this week. Must have been the coffeecake muffin orgasm from yesterday. Yeah. that's it. So on that note...

Questions! Questions! I'm taking questions (and Pirate Wench, you do in fact get to ask me TWO this week, if you are so inclined.), so, as it's a bit of a late start, y'all have till Wednesday (as in the day after tomorrow) morning, 11:00 am Pacific Time to get your questions in to me.

ie: NOW, sukahs. I'm waiting with bells on (but I won't tell you where!!!!!!!!!!!) hee heee heeeee!!!

*bells tinkle*


Wenchie said...

Have you ever been stalked or stalked someone yourself?

(I hope I haven't used this one already, or I'm going to have to resort to "If you were ice cream, what flavor would you be?")

Catrina said...

At what age will you stop trying to get pregnant?

cheryl b. said...

Have you ever gotten so fed up with your piece of shit job that you walked out in the middle of your shift? (something I may or may not have done last night hee hee)