Entertainment and Stuff....

Lets see now, I've been requested -very politely, I might add-to post something entertaining. Let me think.....

*blank stare....crickets chirping*

Entertaining.... could that be the instantaneous onset of a migrane right after a big-ass sneeze about an hour ago? No. I don't think that's particulary entertaining.

How about Miss Scarlett, my hussy cat having kittens today? (for the record 1 solid black boy who has already been named Merlin and a black&white... girl, I think) That's mildly entertaining. Also the fascination all the other cats have with the whole birthing box thing. They are all taking turns hanging over the side and looking in, then looking at me like "What the hell?".

Still, only mildly enteratining.

What was a wee bit entertaining was the wedding reception party I attended last night. It was a bit entertaining and a wee bit sad when this older woman (early 50's) tripped on the hem of her evening gown and fell down-backwards!- in the middle of the dance floor directly in front of where I was sitting. 3 people tried to help her up but she almost took them down with her in the process. Did I mention that it was all on video? Good lord, better her than me!

Now that was actually a bit amusing.

What I find highly amusing is that when I was driving home at about 2:15am, my Mama called my mobile phone and we had a lovely chat for well over an hour. I got home about 2:35 and, since the reception is horrid in my house AND Monster likes to try and eavesdrop even though she knows next-to-nil English, so I sat in the car talking in peace, quiet, and relative privacy. What's amusing about that?

Monster spying on me from the windows, is what! And then? When I thought Mama was winding down and gonna hang up, I got out and started towards the front door from the garage with the strong wind whipping my floor length Carribbean blue organza gown and my almost waist length hair around me, still chatting. I stood at the little wrought iron gate with its arch of fuschia bourganvilia that opens onto the walkway to my front door, enoying the night, enjoying just hearing my Mom's voice when I see it, a movement at the window.

Monster's window. Once........ Twice.............. and again 10 minutes later, thrice.

Nosy old bat. I knew what she was going to do. Silly old nosy bitch.

and boy did she.

She snitched to Z this morning. Gave her typical report.. with her own evil, insuinating slant to things. Can you guess?

"Yeah, Z, "C"came home at 2:35 and then she sat in the car talking on the phone until3:00, then she got out and stood at the gate talking on the phone until about 3:15-3:20. What was she doing? Who do you think she was talking to? Hmmmm????"

This much I know she said. I don't know what else she said, because Z said to me "So, did Mom call you last night? And I said "Yeah. She said hi and sent you her love. She mailed a big summer care package of stuff for Arianna." He said "oH, what time?"

My reply? "The same time your mom told you, I'm sure, give or take 10-15 minutes." Stupid, y'all, I'm not.

I said "And the reason I stayed outside was so that I could talk to my Mother in privacy and peace without some nosey thing trying to eavesdrop and figure out what I was saying and who I was talking to." To which I recieved a simple nod.

Well darlin, that's about as entertaining as I'm gonna get this post. What can I say? It's been a slow week. But anything could happen, you know? Next post will be.......answers to the inquisition, and SOON!


cheryl b. said...

Thank you dearheart.

"The same time your mom told you, I'm sure, give or take 10-15 minutes."

That is so fucking badass! I love you (even more) for saying that to him. I was laughing my ass off at that quip.

Scarlett Cyn said...

Glad you enjoyed it honey. Every now and then, I get a real good one in.

Ok, more often than every now and then.