Now WHY Did I Do That?

I'm sure many of you have had people joke with you about putting your mobile phone on 'vibrate' and sticking it in your pocket, right? haha. Something along the lines of "the phone company will be running a test during which your cell phone will be vibrating for 10 minutes, sit on it and enjoy." or something like that. Yeah. Lord knows I have had it said to me and SMS'd it in return. I mean, it's a joke. Who the hell would actually do such a thing, right? Do you know anyone that would do such a thing? No?

Well now you do.

But I did not, I repeat DID NOT do it on purpose!!

I was at work and as a rule, I switch my mobile phone to silent. Now, whatever mode my phone may be in, it's always on "vibrate" as well, just so that I can notice it jumping around when it rings. Problem is that on this day I forgot to switch it to "silent" so it was on the usual MAX ringing volume 5 when I was talking to my assistant in my office. It started ringing loud and as there were lots of people around, including bosses, and I didn't want to get nailed for the phone ringing, I snatched up the phone with every intention of muffling the sound as best and as quickly as I could.

So I sat on it.

And then promptly jumped about a foot in my chair ("WOoooOH!") because I remembered about the whole vibration alert thing a little late. Like when it was under my buttcheek. My assistant was chuckling her head off (who could blame her, really?) and in the end I was laughing too. But hey! At least the sound was muffled and the phone didn't ring very long.

You know something? Those phones have quite a lot of kick in them!

I pray ONE of you at least can tell me they've done something almost as dumb as this. I feel like such an....ass. And a vibrating one at that!


breezie said...

Lol. I havent had that experience yet but there is still plenty of time! Have you done it since?

breezie said...

I have an issue with #99 of your may 24th 2004 "100things about me"!!! You never made me the darn thing!!!! lol

Scarlett Cyn said...

Oh hell. Sounds like I"m in BIIIIG trouble with Breezie.


*Makes mental note to make while in Italy... whenever*

I could have sworn I'd made it for her too. I"m so confused.

Wenchie said...

Dude, that's hott.

When do I get to ask my question?

oliviadrab said...

Cyn, you crack me UP!

Aw man, I have to go get a stronger phone. My vibrate function is way too subtle.

cheryl b. said...

I don't even own a cellphone.
Goes well with the question I was going to ask you this week though. Do you own a vibrator? If so, what kind?

bre said...

no i have never done it personally, but the group of friends that i hang out with for karaoke, the majority of them are whores (don't ask me why i hang out with them i just do) and when this particular guy shows up, some of the ones mentioned will go up, put their cell phone *there* and tell him to call them..... yea. i hang out with ppl like this. i feel like a nun...