So far, so good with my little sign project in the ladies room at work. We'll see how long they behave, hmmm?

I just realized that it's Thursday and I didn't ask for Inquisition questions. My bad.

Bad, bad Scarlett Cyn.

So, ask me a question. I'll still do it this week, if a bit belatedly.

For those of you chomping at the bit to know what an Islamic toilet is. Well, it's like a hole in the floor, with a ceramic basin, there is no seat, cause you have to squat. and when I say squat, I mean way the hell down on your haunches. Best description is that it is like a sunken toilet? There is a flush mechanism that works like a regular commode.

What is with the squatting thing, you may wonder? From what I understand it is a matter of cleanliness and not touching your skin somewhere that someone 'unclean' or heathen (ie: non-praying, someone that has not done the ritual absolution (washing) for them to pray) It is for the same reasons highly religious Muslims don't shake hands with the opposite sex or even touch.

I may have completely butchered that, but if there is a Muslim out there that would love to describe it better, please be my guest.

Now then.

Questions lovies, quesitons!


cheryl b. said...

What is the nicest thing you have done for someone that didn't know it was you who did it?

Catrina said...

Does Mamon still smoke?

oliviadrab said...

What's funny is that women who do things like that most likely also complain about men's bathroom habits.

Shylah said...

I'm slow and late and all that crap, but I wanna ask anyway. And I know you'll answer cause you love me. What's the funniest thing Ari's ever said?

bre said...

if you had to pick one book and one book only, to read for the rest of your life (say all other books misteriously vanish) which one would it be and why? i already know, btw that it is some type of romance novel....lol