The answers.... part 1

Last one first y'all......

Catrina asked me:

Does Maman still smoke?

First off, she means Monster, for all of you curious readers.

And, before I answer that, may I just say that I finally saw a trailer for Monster-in-law? (Quiet, wiseguys!) Yes I did. And my daughter just happened to be sitting mnhest to me in the movie theater when I did, and into the silence that followed.... she was heard to state - not altogether quietly - after the cake scene and the shrieking antics of Jane Fonda......"Wow! That's just like Grandma about you! But... she's worse than that lady on the screen." Then she leaned around me and said, as she reached for some popcorn, "Don't you think that's just like your MOM, Dad?".

Uh. huh.

Have you guys ever choked on popcorn? No? For the record? It's awfully painful.

Now then Cat, she still sneaks and snoops around corners attempting to eavesdrop and spies on us as much as before, if not more which is beyond creepy. As far as the cigs go, Monster tells everyone that she doesn't smoke anymore...for ages. BUT. I've caught her smoking out in the garden. And if that isn't HER ciggie butts out in her favorite corner of the garden, I'll be dammed if I know whose they are.

And now, every afternoon around 4-ish, Shony sees her go in her room, LOCK the door from inside and hide out there for about 15 minutes. When the door is open again? Presto! The reek of cigarettes mixed with copious amounts of perfume.

Nawwwwww, she doesn't smoke. Do ya think?

Next answer will be in a little while. Keep your eyes peeled!

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