Because I wasn't really sure that you'd believe me if I just wrote about it.

See, on a little trip to my local 7-11 type store nearby, I went to buy some soap and while browsing, I happened to look up and THIS (naturally!) caught my eye.

See? This is why there is such a thing as CAMERA PHONES, people!

And it says "For external use only".

Number one... WHY?

Number two..... Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?????

This is a hoot, is it not??

It's really just so that you don't have that "not so fresh" feeling, but if so, then what the HELL with the name? Jeez.

Some pervert with a fantastic sense of humor, no doubt.

What do YOU all think?


Shylah said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I want some.. maybe it'll give me back my.. erm.. youth!

bre said...

oh....my....geeeyaaawwwd!!!! wow, the things they come up with just to market. i tell ya, it never ceases to amaze me... happy 4th btw, i don't believe it is celebrated in bahrain, but knowing u are from here, thought i would celebrate n e way.