What day (week) is it again?

Well! I must say that my Amaretto stupor induced by my dear friend Bre was a doozy, apparently. Since I JUST realized that I never posted any answers to last week's Inquisition questions. Yup, definetly going to hell for that!

My most sincere apologies, since I'm sure you were all salivating into buckets waiting in anticipation for my answers! (Yeah, RIGHT!)

Let's cut to the chase, shall we?

Cheryl b asked me:

Aside from having Ari and not murdering Monster what is the thing you have done in your life that you are the most proud of?

That I have survived this situation I've gotten myself into (where, exactly to begin?)with my dignity and self respect pretty much intact, all things considered. Although I 'm pretty sure that I will at least be beatified for the letting Monster continue to walk the Earth, or I got a "Go Straight To Heaven for all the Hell in your Earthly endeavours" card.

I'm proud of the fact that I've survived this long after so much hardship. God knows it has NOT been easy. I've always believed in doing my very best and giving my all in everything I do. That way, in case things don't work out the way I hoped/planned/dreamed, I know that I did everything I could possibly do, and this applies to all aspects of my life. I hope that at the end of my life, whenever that may be, that I don't have many more regrets than I already do.

When I was so sick, back in 99, dying actually, and all of the hell I was going through, I had severe insomnia on top of everyting else, and I kept wondering why was he letting me live? What was his reasoning? I figured that he must mean for me to do something that I hadn't gotten around to yet.

Perhaps He just didn't want Arianna to be raised by the crazy old bat from such a young age as 4 or 5. I was terrified I wouldn't survive any of it at the same time, afraid, knowing there were problems and complications and risk each time they put me under anesthesia that I could never wake up and that Ari, my beautiful angel that I wanted so badly, that I went through so much to have with a relentless determination, I knew that if I died with her so young, that Monster would so completely spoil and ruin any good memories of me and poison her memory of me, if not erease me altogether. This thought kept me fighting and determined to overcome it all.

As is, it's bad enough the damage done with me around. *shudder, gag*

Mare asked me something that had me hunting back in the foggy recesses of my childhood.

Question, question...okay, since I just got done throwing my son his first real birthday party (he turned two, but he didn't have a party last year, oh and I'm exhausted by the way), what was your favorite childhood birthday party?

It's funny, whereas some things are so crystal clear, others I have to really concentrate on. I think its fascinating how our memory works. So mare, here's what I came up with.:

Probably when I turned 7. It was my first birthday in Los Angeles. I had a Wonder Woman cake, a bunch of girls from school over, and I got a portable record player and the soundtracks for Grease and Saturday Night Fever. (Quiet, wiseasses!) Oh, and a really cute basset hound stuffed animal. These are the things that stick out in my mind.

Man, but that cake was bad-ass.

Either this b-day or a couple of years later…. Farell's Ice Cream Parlour. (a very close call indeed) It was very old fashioned, like from the Victorian era, and they had massive sundaes. I chose the 'Pike's Peak' for my party. They were named after various mountains because, well, that's what they looked like. Mountains of icecream! They would put about 40 scoops of ice cream or so – I'm serious!- in what looked like an old silver washtub, with toppings, like hot fudge, pineapple sauce, caramel, strawberries, etc… whipped cream, nuts, sprinkles… etc! After we ate proper food, they brought this sucker out on a STRETCHER! Then we all attacked it like little heathens!

Afterwards we went to the local roller rink and ice skated for hours. That was fun too!

Oh, and happy belated birthday to your little man!

The remainder of my answers will follow in a while........ (that will keep y'all on your toes, now won't it?????) Now if you will excuse me, I need to go have a nice allergy-triggered sneezing fit. (Damn sandstorms all day have screwed with my allergies and sinuses. AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Scarlett Cyn


Mare_Imbrium said...

heh. Was the cake shaped like Wonder Woman, or did it just have a picture of Wonder Woman on it?

bre said...

Hey where did you go? Not trying to rush... just worried. You haven't been charged with murdering MIL have you?

Scarlett Cyn said...

DAMN BLOGGER.COM!!! I've been trying to post for DAYS!!! ARRRUGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Well, let's hope at least I can post COMMENTS, right!?

Now then. My blog has had a bit of a nervous breakdown apparently, but HOPEFULLY (hint hint blogger techs) it will be feeling better, like NOW.

Mare: Yep, cake was shaped like Wonder Woman and then she was drawn on it in colored buttercream and gel icing. It was SO KICK ASS. Must go hunting to see if I can find a pic of that cake to scan and show!

Bre: No, not in jail. MIL still breathing... In IRAN.. yaaay. Made a little swing by the liquor store yesterday which I never do, cause if there is liquor in the house, she will guzzle it, so..... I usually don't keep any laying around since when I want it, it will have disappeared. Although I managed to retain my composure at what the HELL they are CHARGING (dollar equivalent)for the one (not big at all, dammit) size available bottle Amaretto... roughly $51.00!!! I don't remember it being that pricey back home, JEEZQ!! Ok, so I bought that and some Bacardi. And went home. And HID IT IN THE PANTRY WAY HIGH UP ON THE SHELVES because 1) Ari is nosey as HELL, 2)Z doesn't like it when I drink ANYTHING AT ALL and not fond of the idea of it in the house, altho it's ok if MOMMY has it, huh? and 3) My insane kittycats think the pantry shelves are their private playground and do Spiderman-style jumps from one to the other.

And if they hurt my Amaretto, they are in BIIIIIG trouble, those gatos (cats).

And? Bacardi Breezers in Pineapple are Really REALLY yummy. Just thought I would share that with you.

I wonder if this comment is even gonna show. Will SOMEONE tell me if you can see this, please?

*sobs uncontrollably, devestated*

Scarlett Cyn said...

Yes, I meant GUZZLE the alchol, not even liquer filled chocolates are sacred, dammit, and?

She is bad enough SOBER. Drunk? Even slightly tipsy?


Now me? When I'm tipsy? I'm FUN!!!! EVEN MORE FUN THAN USUAL! And I laugh..... even more than usual. And I'm shameless in my jokes. Which is a good thing, don't you think? I do.

Hey everybody! Don't you think Bre's picture is sexy? I DO! *wolf whistles* Pretty girl!

*this comment was done at work, and I have not, I repeat NOT had anything to drink stronger than hot tea with milk and sugar! So HUSH!

Pirate Wench said...

Where are you? On vacation or something? You haven't posted in eons!

Scarlett Cyn said...

stupid blog is fucked up and, well, frozen.

I can't post ANYTHING other than a comment on it at the moment.

Blogger help is USELESS so far.

I will soon be giving my private NEW blog address hosted in my OWN DOMAIN! WHWWWWWWEEEEEEE!!!!!

Stay tuned babies. I'm sorry bout this. I wish to GOD I was on vacation!

Love, hugs and kisses,

Scarlett Cyn

Scarlett Cyn said...

SO FED UP!!!!!!!!!

To all my loyal and faithful readers, aka "my posse":

I think you will all agree with me that it is waaaay past time for me to kiss blogger.com adieu. Right?

To that end, I've moved on to greener pastures and decided to get my own private digs where I will (hopefully) not have to deal with crazy-ass shit like my blog freezing up for over a week and NO ONE AT BLOGGER HELPING (OTHER THAN A LAME ASS COMPUTER GENERATED EMAIL that was good for NOTHING WHATSOEVER) REGARDLESS OF HOW MANY DAMN HELP MEEEEEEEE PLEEEASE???!!! EMAILS I SEND! (hint, hint!!)

Say it with me now, "Blogger.com!?! It's been great, but, KISS MY GRITS!"

Yes! That's RIGHT! I've got my own brand-spankin new HAVEN! WHOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Check it out: For a good time, click this link! http://www.scarlettcyn.com

Let me know what you think! Until then,

"Why don't you come up and see me sometime?"