Could My Day Get Any Worse?

Yeah, probably. I won't be so stupid as to make the comment "what ELSE could happen?" cause invariably, something will. I belive in covering my ass whenever possible, so, if you don't mind, I will refrain from making the previous comment, okay?

The major VIP PR event I killed myself for in the last week that was given to me last minute to organize, and changed around repeatedly went off beautifully and without a hitch yesterday, naturally! Yeah, I'm good. I'm glad it went smoothly. Even the food was perfect at the lunch that followed, or so I hear. Thank you Lord for answering my devout prayers.

Things at work are getting progressivly more nightmarish today. Everything is all ass-backwards. Just. Fucking. Great. My normally good-natured boss is in a pissy mood. Lord above knows what set him off. Majority of the staff here are... assholes. Dragging feet... half-ass work. But oh the job security for locals! They'd have to kill someone or embezzle loads of cash to get fired. Such are the labor laws here. Sweet, no? My boss wants to tear his hair out. And quite frankly, so do I.

Last night wasn't so great either, come to think of it. Well, it was going.. allright there for a while... but then.... things went kind of downhill.

Last night, I started working out again. I was looking forward to it even! Lets' hope this euphoric feeling will continue into the near future, shall we? I mean, I actually was happy to feel the burn in my ass and thighs caused by 30 min on the exercise bike (with resistance). To feel the strain in my muscles on the nautilus equipment. Woohooo. Yeah, I've definetly lost my marbles. The only thing that sucked was that 1) some asshole killed the treadmill. and 2) my work out partner, is, well.......a dork. A lazy one. But I must admit, her inepitude and utter unfamilliarity with any of the equipment (in which I then bacame trainer too!) sent me into bouts of hysterics. Hey! She was comic, AND laughing at herself almost as bad... so..... anyhooo, we finished after much laughter and burning of muscles (she's a total wimp, BTW)and cussing at each other. We went our separate ways on home.

Me, feeling good after my workout... had a quickie chat on my mobile phone with one of my favorite people on the whole planet , which upped my mood even more! Then, I walked in the house with a smile on my face and a spring in my step.... where my MIL was lying in wait for me. Well, shit.

I was, oh, about 2 steps in the front door when her mouth opened. I tried to be pleasant and reply calmly. To not get upset. To say as little as possible. To not lose my temper (ok, I managed this one to a certain extent). I even tried to just walk through the house to get away from the barrage of crap flying out of her mouth at me. No such luck. She followed me - everywhere- getting more and more loud, rude, nasty, accusatory, etc.. et al. Her shitty comments about me, snide as they were, started when he came home after work. He blew me off about them, like "so, big deal?". Fine, as usual. But, I had the AUDACITY to go out, to actually work out. Her SON was not home, so, therefore, apparently, based on prior experience, it is OK if HE wants to go hang out, work out, go walking at 11pm, do whatever and not say where he is going. He can go hang at his neice's house till way past midnight if HE wants. But the SECOND I leave the house to do something when he isn't there... or, God forbid, we both go to the neice's house, all hell breaks loose. So, finally, I said something. Not rude per se, (don't ask me how I managed it, I have NO idea)but basically when she was saying "well I don't know about that...." I said in a very weary and fed up voice (cause, that's what I am) "Well, if someone doesn't know or is unsure, then maybe nothing shoud be said or they should check before they begin a tirade, hmmm?" Then I walked in my room and hopped in the shower. Ah, safe haven beneath the warm pulsing water where her voice cannot reach. Haven, get it? heh.

I was pissed though that I was enjoying my good mood for about all of an HOUR only. Damn. When Z came home, he said "what's up? you went? " I said "Yeah, but I regret it, cause your mom lit into me when I got home." Again: "Oh?", then threw out a snide comment, and he went to bed. Wonderful.

As I am typing this, I recieved a phone call from poor Arianna. It seems that monster is wandering the house screaming down curses on my head about my sheer NERVE to go out. How dare I? Blah blah blah... Arianna is telling me she is getting a headache from all of it, and that "she won't shut up. Can I please go ride my bike to get away for a while?" Go for it kid. I hear ya.

Does anyone know where I can get an "Im surrounded by assholes" tee shirt that my boobs can fit in? Lemmie know, will ya?

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