The Review

Well gang. I came back from Spiderman 2 a few hours ago. I must say……

IT WAS SO DAMN GOOD! I liked it MUCH more than the first one. Yeah, considerably much more.

When the house lights came back up…I walked out of the theater feeling satisfied. Toby, that little wuss, he was great… but Alfred Molina was amazing. He really brought life to the character of “Doc Ock”.

Besides the special effects in the movie, which were good, including the most kick-ass amazing fight scene on a moving train I’ve seen in a good long while! There were some good one-liners throughout the film, which were good and quite frankly had me chuckling out loud. My favorite is the discussion about the Spidey suit with the damn fine man with the adorable basset hound in the elevator. The story was also much better, more... into Peter Parker’s inner demons. Hell, everyone’s inner demons! It was more emotional all the way around. Deep. Well, as deep as a movie based on a comic strip character can be.

I was a little surprised by some of the things towards the end of the movie. But in a “what the hell?” good kind of way. I absolutely LOVED the very last scene between Toby and Kirsten . Some goooood shiiiiiit, that. Melt.

To say that I enjoyed the film at ALL with some ASSHATS in front of us bringing their SHREIKING 8 month old…. And the asshats behind us somewhere that brought their toddlers to the movie, and let them wander up and down the steps in THE DARK for 2 hours and 10minutes. The mom in me was terrified that one of the little rugrats would fall and bust their ass in the dark. Then there are the little bastards that were sitting in the row directly behind me. Why did I say little? These probably 10-11 year old boys weighted about 200lbs and KEPT GETTING UP TO GO TO THE DAMN CONCESSION STAND every few minutes. Why should I care? Cause, they would grab on to the back of my chair- getting a good handful of my hair in the process- and haul their asses past me, scaring the LIVING SHIT out of me and making me think the whole row of seats were gonna come up from their bolted positions in the floor. Make sense now? Good.

Bottom line is… Go see this movie. It is really worth the money.

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