The Farewell

Last night I went to my friend's farewell dinner at a Thai restaurant. She's moving to Boston to continue her education. I wasn't too impressed with the food, but it was fun!

About ten of us, all women, in a pretty secluded room. We were cutting up and being loud and obnioxious and we EVEN drove off the Asian Bulldyke and her very girly girlfriend that were sitting-fine, half laying- at the opposite end of the room. Otherwise, the place was totally empty that time of night. Ok, they left about after an hour or so, and even then only when they noticed that their dirty looks in our direction weren't working...... Heh.

It was a load of fun. There wasn't even liquor involved. We were cutting up so very much, even making fun of my ex-psychotic demon from hell boss's daughter!(the boss, not the daughter) I,naturally, had to imitate all the people being discussed or otherwise raked over the coals, because, well, that's just me! Boss's daughter included.

We were discussing the extremely low cut blouse etc... she wore into the office (trust me, not much to show off) and how shocked we were, cause, well, her father IS the Chairman and CEO, and is religious enough to have built A MOSQUE with his own money back in Pakistan! But she teeters in all hanging out. Have I mentioned that this company is an Islamic Infrastructure Fund Management Company? Well, it is. ie: wear it, but it's totally inappopproiate for going to daddy's work. Sooooo, of COURSE I had to show how extreme it was, so,for those that had missed "The Daddy's Girl free show", I ended up SHOWING them by adjusting my own low V-neckline of my blouse DOWN while keeping an eye on the bulldyke in the far corner to make sure she wasn't looking and shaking my stuff in a fair imitation of her! We all ended up howling. It was pretty funny.

Then after we ate... we sang! Ah... Karaoke! Why in the hell we ended up singing love songs and 70's and 80's hits is beyond me. Some of us attempetd to sing alone, but then there was a mike malfunction, so we ended up singing in a group. It was a total crack up! Pretty much completly off key and with much hilarity involved. Yes, poor Lionel Richie, thank God he will never know what we did to his beautiful love song "Hello". And of course, it wouldn't have been right if we didn't sing/butcher "Hotel California", now would it? Actually, that sounded pretty good!

I later dragged my ass in the bed at around 1:30am after dropping one of my girlfriends home.

Whew! Must do that more often! Come on, who's gonna sing with me?

All this on top of hearing that MIL has to get her backside to Iran posthaste by Saturday or her house purchase is all in the toilet! WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I don't know how long she's gonna be gone for, but,hot damn(!) it's a break! At least she will be able to talk dirty to the men over there in her own language. I wonder if that neighbor across the street she had the hots for still lives there. He was a widower. (ie: fresh meat)I will arrange blog party when I have her departure details!

Hey, should we call a stripper?

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