Party At My Place!
Well darlings, her bags are packed, and her broom is dusted off, serviced, and ready to go.  Looks like take off is tomorrow morning.  So, blog party is set for Monday. GOT THAT? Monday! Bring a blog friend.  Actually, maybe I should say that it STARTS Monday? This could be a two or three day party. I might even get creative and send invitations, but if not, please come over. This is not an "Invite only" party, but more of a B.Y.O._. party.
I don't know how long she's going for, but I must admit, it will be a nice break if nothing else.
I'm really not mean. I'm just.... worn out.  Everytime she leaves, the family gets closer, everyone is nice to each other and friendly (yes! Even to me!!) no dissent, no upset, no troublemaking. It's nice. I'm sure that I wouldn't hate living here so much if we had moved here without her as was the plan. I've been in the thick of it from day one. Sigh. Well, it isn't as if she didn't warn me what she would do the day before we left to move here. She got right in my face that day and said "You think you'll be happy there? HAH! I'm going to make you so miserable you 'll wish you never heard the word Bahrain. I"m gonna blacken your name so badly that you won't want to be seen in public or hold your head up!"  And that is what she set out to do. 
Well, at least she keeps her word.
The first years here were the worst. (Well, in retrospect, it seems that way, although, maybe now I'm just kinda numb to all the bullshit?I dunno.) Going anywhere was pretty uncomfortable for the longest time. She spread her poison far and wide.   I knew what she was doing. I saw their behaviour change towards me. Talk about uncomfortable!! Lordy! His family here is HUGE, I mean massive. So, that's a lot of venom!
Her son refused to believe it. He is the master of self-delusion and denial, unfortunately. It was the same stuff she had done it the States, only worse and more wide spread, since her audience was larger.  Here is like living in a small town.  Talking shit to the neighbors and family. Nothing new. I was just myself and tried not to show how much it hurt.
The one bright side is, that somewhere along the way she started "hanging herself". Cousins and friends (not all mind you) started seeing that what they were hearing and what they actually SAW were two very different things. They noticed that SHE was the only one talking, not me, no matter how they tried to bait a comment out of me.  I could have said tons.  But I didn't, haven't. I have held it all inside all thse years, so forgive me if you guys hear it. Only a few select girlfriends of mine really know. I need an outlet every now and then, ya know? Like my blog. Fortunately, his cousins that I LOVE had the wake up calls first and soonest! My realtionships with his immediate family (sisters, brothers, etc..) are still and will probably always remain strained. I have done all I can over the years but I'm not going to kill myself anymore.  If after 15 years they aren't gonna wake up, to hell with it I say!
So, yeah, I've had baby breaks from her before, (three weeks to two months)but it's been a long haul this time around. It just made me sad, cause it showed how nice things could be without her around. I wouldn't be surprised if she is gone for less than a month.  Z is talking about talking Arianna with him there on a vacation for a week or two next month. So maybe she will stay longer if they go. I don't know. Can you imagine me here on my own for two weeks?  Heh.
So, reminder: Party is day after tomorrow I have: Liquor, Twister (that could be fun-especially if we get the stripper in the mix!), yes, a stripper (maybe he can bring a friend?), and I'll even self-cater! Feel free to bring whatever you like.  If you are all good..... I might even do the booty shake dance or bellydance for you!

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