Ok, NOW I'm Sad.

Maybe despondent would be a better word? Yeah, probably. Wanna know why? Because, While browsing on E! Online, also known as my secret vice... Ted's Gossip pages.. I found this:

Whoop There It Isn't: Test audiences apparently got Too Much Information (or something) from a Colin Farrell nude scene at screenings of A Home at the End of the World, reports Us Weekly. Despite whoops of approval from female fans, we'll be seeing less of Farrell's natural gifts in the final version. Producer John Hart emphasizes that the actor "has no reason to be shy," and director Michael Mayer elaborates: "People felt [his penis] was too distracting from the emotional moment in the scene." Doncha hate when that happens? Hello? Bonus footage! Alas, in what may be the unkindest (director's) cut of all, Farrell's extended version won't even appear on the DVD.

AW HELL NO!!!!!!!!!! Not even bonus footage??? BASTARDS!!!!!! That director is just JEALOUS because he is problably small and drives a PORCHE TOO! Screw it, I say women of the world BOYCOTT THIS DAMN TRAVESTY OF A FILM, or,alternatevly, maybe we could sign a petition to at least have it in the DVD? *yes, I'm groveling, ok?* Jeez. Can't this dumbass realize that 5-8 seconds of full frontal Colin would send his opening weekend sales through the roof? That wuss.

I should have known something was up, first I scarfed more cherries (So luscious and juicy and sweet and tart) than I should admit to yesterday, and now this. Colin. Cherries. Me and Colin rolling naked in cherries. (In a dream. Confused? Check my April archives.)

This is SO gonna be a shitty week, I can feel it.

PS: What?!? Is 3 posts in one day too much for ya? Deal.

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