Hello, My Name is....... 
Hello, my name is Cyn, and I am an accessory addict. I mean SERIOUSLY y'all!
WHEW!!!! I thought that would be harder to do. Wait a cottonpickin minute here! I don't want to stop this!
See, I've started my own little fraternity/ club .. whatever, and honestly honeys, I'm so very proud.  It is called "The Imelda Marcos Society for Women With Shoe and Handbag Addiction". I even have a few members! Importantly, 
Amalah  is already a member my drinking buddy Katie too, and a friend here named Aseel (she has it BAD girlies! Will elaborate later) and most likely Martha and Mindy will join in the not too distant future. We have our own motto too! "THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS 'TOO MANY' SHOES OR HANDBAGS,  so you can just STOP YER BITCHING!!!"  Don't you just loave us? Yeah, I thought you did.
I was chatting with my darling Amalah on IM the other day and we got to talking about strappy sexy evening or whenever-the-hell-we-feel-like-wearing-them shoes and our little NEED for them. Ok, ok. I was also telling her about my latest acquisition. Anyhoo.... I got to thinking yesterday.... and here is part of my tally:
  • Evening/Dress sandals: 6 pairs (WHAT? I'm really, really picky)
  • Boots: 2 pairs (WHAAAAT???? I know that is nothing, but I live in the freaking Middle East for Christsakes! Like I NEED BOOTS???)
  • High Heeled pumps.....8 plus one GORGEOUS Open Toe one that is so amazing that even I can't find something to top it! It's my favorite! (3 3/4 inch heel girls!)
  • Strappy sandals (heeled and otherwise and oh so sexy, naturally): Ahem....erm..... well....... lets just say OVER uh, 20. hows that?
  • loafer-work type shoes4     

And um, just for the record, I did inventory of my handbags yesterday, and.. the tally, as of TODAY, stands at:   23 handbags, 6 wallets, and 4 evening bags (WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? I told you I was extremely picky about my evening  accessory purchases!! Jeez.) 

And before any of my male readers (and you know who you are!) start commenting on that number of purses, let me tell you a little somthing my dahling men..... I USE EM ALL! Yes, that is right, I rotate and switch. Frequently, sometimes daily. Like, the black Gucci with the Bamboo handle (my recent FAVORITE, im SO in loave with it!) one day, then a beige or camel purse the next, then my pride and joy, a cordovan colored (that's like Burgundy- yes wine- for the men) Cartier handbag with MATCHING WALLET.  I loave that one so much, I don't use it ALL that often cause I don't want it to get hurt.  I'm all about matching my shoes and bags too! So, Shhhhhhhh! Not all my stuff is that expensive though, before you start having major freaking coronary attacks! "Hello? 911? Um, Yes, I realize this is long distance, but, um, I think someone needs your help... his name is ____ and I think he is having a heart attack." If it makes the cringing males feel any better.... I buy them myself.

Now my previously mentioned friend Aseel? She is waaay worse than me. I mean, completely bonkers over shoes. I am SO normal compared to her. Like I tell Z when he bitches about my shoes, "Hush! Be glad I'm not Aseel, ok?" (although his reply is often "yeah, but you COULD BE. I mean, the potential is there!") She moved back home here from Boston, and when her container shipment of stuff arrived, she told me about how she was lovingly unpacking her 60+ pairs of shoes she had shipped back. 60+ people! In addition to the LOAD of shoes she has here already.  It's so bad, that her sisters, 3 younger than her, have asked to be left her shoes in her will.... and, um, she is only 29. The younger sisters fight over the shoes. In. the. will.  (Hell, I just want her jewellery, but that is another post ENTIRELY!) Yeah. So, I'm nothing compared to her. She said she would live on doritos and snickers in college to be able to buy shoes instead.  Uh huh. I can totally understand that, can't you? A girl's gotta priortize, right?

So, if you're interested in joining my little society, please let me know, hmmmm?

Later, I will regale you with the contents of my makeup STOCKPILE. (Let's put it this way... I am the Aseel of the cosmetics world, got it?) Good.

And don't forget my DAMN PARTY TOMORROW!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm 32. I have 60+ pairs of shoes and at least 30 handbags, including a phenomenal assortment of evening bags. My shoe collection is, really and truly, included in my will. They go to my best friend, who happens to have the same shoe size as me and who happened to have a pair of shoes autographed by Donald J. Pliner recently, the lucky bitch.

Ain't no shame in good accessories. You get what you pay for!


Stephanie in Heels

Anonymous said...

Hi, you have a great blog here! I'm definitely going to bookmark you!