Ah yes, I have achieved one of the many goals I have set for myself in my life. Not a big goal by any means, but a goal nonetheless!

The realization that I had done so quite took me by surprise. It was sudden. Perhaps it will seem silly to you, but to me? It’s quite the big deal.

I vowed to myself at a young age that when I have kids (hah! Plural, YES! KIDS), that I will be the “cool” mom. I always wanted to be the cool mom. Not the stuffy "SHE NEVER LETS HER KID DO ANTHING" mom. The mom that the kids don’t mind having around. The mom that the girls hang with and talk to, even my daughter's friends. The Kool-Aid Mom. Ya know what I mean?

So, yesterday I realized something. Arianna’s friends are coming over every day….and hanging out with me in the kitchen as I cook!! Or if I’m watching TV, they come sit with me and chat and watch with me. Ari keeps calling them to come to her room and play. They still stay with me in the kitchen or living room. Finally Ari joins us. This has been going on for a while lately. More and more. They talk to me about EVERYTHING. You name it! We laugh and joke around, and then I talk to them seriously also. I actually entice them to stay and have lunch with us. Yes, even the picky eater, Sophie, the littlest sister with the dimples that slay me, loved the lunch I made the other day and woofed it up!

Finally, I have to shoo the girls to go play and they go shuffle off. Even when I’m sitting here blogging on the computer, they come hang out and chit chat. Even when I get angry at finding the room looking like a tornado has come through it and have to put my foot down, I am fair and nice about it. They know I’m being fair. And if they prove themselves to me, I lift the “restriction”. Maybe that’s the difference? They know I’m all about being fair? They even come across the street to help me settle their “disputes”. (Come on, all 5 of the gang are pre-teen hormonal!)

Before the three sisters went to a wedding the other night, they came to show me their outfits. Then it hit me! I’ve become the cool mom!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! It is such a good feeling. Really. I’m the cool mom! I’m the cool mom! Wooohoooo!

Maybe it is a simple enough thing, but it’s important to me.


Amy said...

That's one of my goals in life too! So far so good!


Hula Doula said...

It's great isn't it!!!!!! I love it when they come over too! See we rock don't we!!

Indigo Wolf said...

That is totally one of my goals too. I have quite a ways to go though... LOL... considering I'm not even pregnant yet and won't even start offically ttc for another couple of months. But it's a noble goal to have. Both my mom and ex-stepmom were very uncool moms so I at least know what I'm NOT going to do. However, my 13 year-old sister is getting the cool side of my ex-stepmom (her mom. She gets highlights in her hair, her nails done, her legs waxed, gets to have friends over on a school night. Lucky little brat ;o)

Catrina said...
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