Plain or Special??

I made old fashioned 'cooked' iced tea today. Also known in the South as "Sweet tea". YUM.

I haven't done this in a while. I don't remember when the last time I did it was either. I'm really the only one that drinks Iced tea in my house. Arianna occasionally does also, but not enough to help me finish the whole jug anytime soon, ya know?

My cooking tea apparently FASCINATED my daughter. She kept coming and going, not saying much of anything (very VERY unsual), just looking with interest and then leaving. I would enquire "What's up baby?" of her every now and then receiving "nothin". Finally, it was done and cooled. Well, cooled enough to put in the big ass pitcher/jug thingie anyway. Finally, curiosity got the better of her and she asked me what the hell I was up to.

A: "Mama? What ARE you doin?"

ME: "Making iced sweet tea honey."

A: "Oh..." starts to walk away, stops dead in her tracks and comes back. "YOU MADE WHAT???? How'd you do THAT??? I don't see any can or jar or..... "

ME: *shudder* " You know I don't like instant Iced tea too much honey! I cooked it. Just like Nana does. *points to pile of Lipton Teabags* This is how they make it where Nana is from."

She watches me transfer from the cooking pot to the jug in fascination.

A: "Mama?"

ME: "Yes?"

A: "Is it plain or special?"

ME: "Whaaa?"

A: " Does it have taste? You know, like peach or something or is it plain?"

Me: -----------

A: "you know, like in the can in the stores where it's ready made" (gives me "DUH!!" look)

ME: "Um, it's plain. No Peach."

A: Gives me look of disappointment "OH......"

ME: desperately "But I can put lemon in it! Hows that?"

A: *brightens considerably* "Yeah, I guess that would be ok! You're cool mama. I didn't know you could do this!"

ME: *big satisfied grin*

Anybody care for a nice tall glass of iced tea with lemon????


Catrina said...

I'll take a glass with exxxxxtra exxxxtra lemons! And forty packets of Sweet-n-Low.....or was it Equal?

cheryl b. said...

I'll take mine without lemon thank you very much. And Mark wants his without ice, he's such a freak that even Xavier knows Daddy wants "Cokenoice" (he says it all one word).

Ollie said...

Cyn, Darling.. I am SO glad you have stopped depriving your child of one of life's luxurious necessities. Has she become hooked yet?

Oh, and since it's Lipton, you could always tell her it is "Orange Pekoe"... makes it sound candylike, huh?

Scarlett Cyn said...

Costrina: Ok, will do. Lotssss and lotsssssssssssa lemon for you . hahahaha

Cheryl b... will do honey! Sure thing. Ditto for Mark.

Ollie: Actually babe, she's been an ice tea addict as long as I can remember. I caught her getting my mama to put it in her sippy cup when she was almost 2. I can't keep the canned Lipton Iced Tea in the house cause when I buy it, I never get ONE (if I m lucky, she might give me a sip if I actually catch her with one!). But yes, she IS addicted to the sweet tea now!!!!

bre said...

southern girl that i am (ga, al based family)i don't ever see how i could go without my tea, have you tried doing sun-tea? with the heat in bahrain, you might get it tasting pretty darned good! **smiles wistfully at jar outside**