Feelin the LOVE

I just want to say I love my readers. (Even you that don't post, it's ok, sorta, I know you're lurking. Y'all are just voyeurs, aren't ya?)

No really, I do love and appreciate all of you. Thank you for your support and suggestions for my quandry. Actually for all of your support. Period. It means a lot to me.

Maybe I don't have the gizillion hits or comments like some of my friends have, and they know who they are, but I love the ever growing faithful,loyal readers I do have. I'll take QUALITY over QUANTITY everytime!

"Thank you for your support!" (a la, Bartles & James. remember those commercials?)

Update on the Shayda Incident: I think I will nail them tomorrow (Friday) if I can get them together. I will of course let you all know how the "shit" hit the fan. haha. Why am I laughing? Now where the hell is my Kevlar suit of armor and helmet?

PS: How do y'all like my new outfit, hmmmm???? Tell me I'm pretty.

1 comment:

Sheri said...

Oh alright I guess I'll post a comment! ;) I'm one of your "lurkers", although I do think I have posted before.

Love the new pink look! :)