You Reap What You Sow

Ya’ll know about my unwanted house guests, right? No, I don’t mean my monster in law, I mean the lizards!!

Well… if you will kindly remember that I mentioned that Z refused to kill the lizards that are coming in more and more every day? Yeah, he keeps saying “oh, they are scared of you. They won’t come near you. Blah blah blah.” *Cyn recieves extremely dirty looks*

Never mind that last night one almost jumped on my damn head when I was closing the curtains in the living room. Nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! (it was hiding behind the curtain and I didn’t know it!) Ugh, creepy.

So, this afternoon when he comes home from work, he tells me a little story about what happened to him this morning while the Sleeping Princess (that’s me!) was fast asleep…OKI WAS UNCONSCIOUS! Finally, after finally having passed out from exhaustion at around 5am. I was WIDE AWAKE until 5. Curses.

Apparently, after shaving, he was washing residual foam off his face, with the water running, still half asleep. After wiping water out of his eyes, he sees something jump at him from the drain. He rubs his eyes again… looks, and sees…….


Then, said lizard JUMPS AT HIM! Mind you, his face is really low over the sink! He jumps back from the sink, and only because the sink bowl is wet, does the lizard slip and slide while trying to jump on him! He - Z - was freaking out.

Remember when I said, “Kill a lizard with one good THUMP from a broom or something?” and he told me off and said NO! (ok, and I got called a few names here and there too, along with a few dirty looks). Well, personally, what he did next, I think is much more cruel than my suggestion.

He turned the water on so it slid back down into the sink drain…..the HOT water…… for like 15 minutes. The SCALDING HOT WATER.

Why? Just cause it dared to try and jump on him when he was still sleepy? If I was that lizard, I’d rather get my head quickly bashed in , but that’s just me.
Remember what my Daddy said about sharks not attacking people at Fla beaches from my Daddy's Day post? And then later I was vindicated when proven right?
Ditto for today. When will people start LISTENING TO ME?
Sigh. This woman's work is NEVER, EVAH done.


Hula Doula said...

YIKES! I think what he did was way more cruel! Lizard Scalder.

Anonymous said...

Life's little comedy's!