The Birthday Report

Thank you for all your lovely birthday wishes.

Carrie Jo, I swear I didn't delete that second comment, hell if I know what happened.

Now, on to my report....

Monster had a total hissyfit that I was going out. She doesn't like it when we go out. EVER. What burns her ass even more is when AMEEN takes us out. It burns her ass. She was screaming and slamming door and cussing at me. I was wandering around humming to myself. screw. her.

Dinner was lovely. SO were the pitchers of strawberry margeritas! I was still on my first one when the horrible singer and her gutair and computer accompaiment started in on that 70's hit "I WILL SURVIVE". Az was sitting next to me and Ameen on my other side. Az's hubby was across from Az. He saw us goofing around singing the song and he motioned to the singer with the mic to come over... she came and next thing I knew, it was in my hand! I'd like to state that the rest was crawling with Navy guys...ie: lots of Americans, which is one of the reasons I chose it. It was as close to home as I was gonna get!

Anyway, seems that Az didn't know all the words, and I ended up singing out my heart all by myself! Heads started turning and soon people were clapping along with the song. I could NEVER forget the words... I called this song "Mama's song" cause it was on the radio constantly just after my parents divorced and we were driving around looking for apartments. I would sing it to her in the car and say "This is YOUR Themesong MOM!". So, I had a nice round of applause when I was done.

When I started singing, Z was sitting across from me hiding behind BOTH hands. Shortly after, he was starting at me open-mouthed in shock! Yeah, THAT will teach him to be afraid I embarass him! HAH!

Many....MANY.......MMMMMMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNYYYYYYYY drink refills later-even Z had 2!-(Z, who NEVER EVER DRINKS AT ALLLLL) we finally crawled home.

Heh. HE had a hangover at work the next day. ME? Who had much more than he did? Nada. I was totally fine.... as usual. Now, on to my actual bday.

Flash forward through my tipsy sleep. I wake up to find Arianna prowling my room. She informs me that I am NOT allowed out of bed. I said "Can I at least go to the bathroom?" she allowed that. Gracious of her, no? Her condition was that I had to get right back in when I was done. I obeyed, wondering what she was up to.

She came in a few minutes later with breakfast in bed. Or her version of it. Tea and toast. Aw. I don't think I've had breakfast (or any other meal for that matter) since I was sick in my teens and my MOM brought for me. WOW. She also brought me a Birthday Card she made for me herself from red construcion paper. Tucked away in the card was a cardboard heart she had cut herself and colored (both sides). My card read as follows:

Happy Birthday Mom. Dear Mom. This is the best day for me and for you EVERY year. It is so nice to spend time with you and I enjoy it and it makes me happy. I love you!!! Love, Arianna

So I am sure you all understand that I was very teary eyed when I read this. I am SO saving this for when I am, hopefully, a very old and cute old lady so I can read it over and over again.

Later, when my hungover hubby came dragging home from work (after reading all of your lovely B-day wishes on my blog, cause he can be a nosey cuss sometimes) with a pretty boquet of flowers in hand. This caused MUCH more cussing and slamming of doors on the part of his mom, even though he tried to hide and sneak them in the house so she wouldn't see. They were very similar to a boquet I saw the other day. Beautiful sprays of creamy white centered Dendrobian Orchids with deep magenta petals, some hewge other orchid that I can't think of the name of, and pale peach roses. I love dendrobian orchids. I had white ones in my wedding bouquet along with roses and that same huge orchid as well. LOTS of green in my birthday bouquet also. He did good.

Yesterday was quiet. Well, other than the screaming, slamming of doors and CURSING shreiking of Monster. and....excecpt for my computer going completely PSYCHO (musta been MIL vivbes) cause it wouldn't let me post ANYTHING. damn thing. Freaky ass computer. Hrumph.

Again, thank you all for the birthday wishes. I was feelin all loved and special. Thank you all very much. A BIG HUG for each and every one of you. MWAH. (what the hell, a kiss too!)


Hula Doula said...

Sorry I couldn't post on your birthday sweetie. I've been sicker than a dog.
Happy Birthday. I'm glad you had a great time and pissed monster off in the process. BONUS!

Indigo Wolf said...

It's ok, I deleted it because I messed it up.