It’s a funny world my friends where the strangest things can happen. Case in point.

This morning my Sister In Law ‘Shem’ won some money. Heh. SOME. Hahahahahahaha (The SIL that lives here that I get along fine with that has always been my favorite, even when things became strained for a time between us because of her mom’s antics when we moved here. She woke up eventually. Things aren’t like before, but they are better at least. She’s very well off. She is the grandma of the triplets I mention so often by the way. She is wealthy, has her own businesses with a partner who is more like family, but that’s another story.) Anyhow…. This morning monster comes pounding on the door first, then flies in my room waking me up screaming “Shem” won money! SHE WON MONEY!!!!! (Me, naked and sleepy, diving under the covers….can you just imagine??) Me: “Huh? Money? Won? Huh???? How much?”. SAY WHAAAAAAAAT???????? She won the amount US$375,000.00 in a raffle/lotto type draw and found out this morning when the phone call came.

Yes, US$375,000.00! I should have such damn luck, I swear! I’m happy for her, but jeez! Listen to the damn CIRCUMSTANCES will ya?

She went to Abu Dhabi (an Emirate near Bahrain in the Persian Gulf) 2 weeks ago today to do plastic surgery with this Fancy (yes, with a capital F) Famous French plastic surgeon from Paris who was visiting. She had a breast reduction/lift (and I am SOO JEALOUS. They are SO. Damn. Perky. I TELL YOU! Waaaah) and body sculpting lipo. Her boobs were actually larger than mine, if you can imagine anything bigger than my G-cups, hmmm? (Is there such a thing as H cup?) And she is only 5’1 and very small framed. It was very Dolly Parton-esque naturally. Now they are lovely and perfect. And PERKY dammit. Sigh. Ok, so, anyway, on her way back through the airport, they have this lotto draw thingie… some of them are you buy a raffle ticket for a luxury car, or you choose numbers on a computer screen and enter your contact info and it gives you a receipt and blah blah. She did both of these while waiting to board her flight in Duty Free, all bruised and swollen and high on pain meds to fly home 4 days after surgery. She picked the lucky numbers and got the phone call this morning.

Congratulations ‘Shem’! Never mind that she almost had a freaking heart attack when they told her she won. They woke her up too! But WHAT a GREAT way to wake up, no?

I sent her a SMS message of congratulations cause her phone was so busy nonstop. I joked that it looks like she will be doing that mini facelift and other minor things she wanted to do next a lot sooner than later now! Just last night I was at her house and she was saying; “Now I have to figure out how to get the money to do the other things I want to do!”

Funny how things work for some people, isn’t it? I hope some of her luck rubs off on me! I just want a good job dangit and maybe a baby? Yes, in that order.


Ollie said...

Dang! I want that kind of luck!!! So the combination is surgery and groovy drugs and then you win? I can do that.

Catrina said...

Some people have all the luck! I'll take some boobs off your chest if you want to donate! I'm waiting until I'm finished bearing children then I'm gonna get me some!