Confession Pt. 2

Ah, it’s another Tuesday and that means……… ANSWERS to The Inquisition! I had 3, count em THREE big fat questions (Thank you Cheryl b., Mahmood, and Carrie Jo!) So, without further ado, here are your answers my dears!

Cheryl b. asked me: “What is your secret fetish?” (and no, not about shoes she says!)

Well darlin, for a minute there, I thought you were asking me fetish in the traditional sense and boy was I thinking “Which one should I choose?”, but then you mentioned the shoes…. So, I thought we were taking the safe route perhaps.

Since you said I may NOT mention my little shoe fetish (which you know goes hand in hand with my purse/handbag fetish) I will share two of them with you.

One is jewelry. I can’t physically pass a jewelery store window without inspecting what’s on offer. I love jewelery. I’m always wearing it, too.

Second, and one in which I indulge in quite often? Makeup. There is no such thing as having too much makeup. I love it LOADS. I have had this fascination with makeup since I was a very little thing and it has only gotten worse.

I was doing makeup professionally up until I moved here. I’ve done it every now and then since I’ve moved here, but not like I was in the States. I have a post almost prepared for my blog explaining my whole makeup obsession.

My fantasy is for someone to let me loose in a Sephora that is attached to a MAC store with an open limit Platinum Card and let my buy to my heart’s content. (Did I mention that I wouldn’t have to pay the Plat Card bill? No? Well, I wouldn’t!)

Cheryl b did you mean the other kind of fetish? Well then, that would invlove a silk scarf blindfold. (That’ll teach you to be more specific!) heh.

Mahmood hit me with a difficult one! He asked: “What do you absolutely hate about Bahrain? One, only One!” I do like Bahrain, but, since Mahmood lives in Bahrain, he’s going to get my detailed answer.

Ok Mahmood! Only ONE? Other than the weather July thru October including the crap humidity that makes me the sickest I’ve ever been in my entire LIFE??(Eeeewwwwww)

Hmmmmmm. This one really got me thinking. I have to choose the infrastructure. The stupidly planned infrastructure that doesn’t seem to be put into place with any bit of thought for the future. Then, when they realize that its totally ineffective for the amount of traffic in the country that is increasing in leaps and bounds? rip up the old, useless and re-do, over and over and over again. Do it right the first time, jeeez! What they have re-done for the umpteenth time at Seef District? It is still WRONG. It’s ok for right now, but for, in say, 2-3 years when that other 50-something story building goes up and all the rest of the office buildings that are planned? It will be the mini-me of the Diplomatic Area, new flyovers or not. RE DO roads AGAIN!

I’d like to slap around the genuis that did the planning on the Diplomatic Area too.(Sorry if that was a relative of yours, pal, but come on, it’s bad and you know it!) (Parking? HAH! What’s that?)Teeny one way streets that people drive 2 directions down anyway?The Sitra Bridge is a nightmare most times of day. *shudder*. They’ve been talking about making it bigger for how many years now?? I will say that the new highways are nice though. My infrastructure rant includes lack of proper drainage for when it actually rains and everywhere is flooded.

My sweetie Carrie Jo inquired: “ What was your favorite childhood stuffed animal or blankie and do you still have it?”

Okeedokee Carrie Jo, When I was very little I had a few fave stuffed animals. I had a little red weiner dog wearing a yellow vest and a green hat that for some stupid reason I named Toby after my Nana’s dog Toby that hated everyone but my Nana and my Dad and always tried to take a piece out of my ass. I was terrified of that little shit dog. But my Toby always took naps with me. Both Toby’s have gone to their respective Heavens. (He could only be resewn so much) I also had a stuffed Panda Bear that I called Ling Ling that I got shortly after the real Ling Ling was sent to the US from China and my obsession and unabiding love of panda bears began. The original Ling Ling (mine) was HUGE, twice my size. Ling Ling died from too much of my loving also when I was about 4 or 5. I was really upset when it went to go live at the Salvation Army. I accused my mom of murdering it if I remember correctly.

The best thing to me was my first babydoll, Cindy. I got her when I was a little over 1yrs old. I still have her. (You wouldn’t belive she is 32 to look at her!) She has gone everywhere with me. That babydoll is better traveled than some people.


cheryl b. said...

Ooh, I want to see a picture of Cindy. Do you have a digital camera?
Good answers my dear.

Catrina said...

12 hours 3 days in a row. waaaaaaa! At least it's done for the week. OK. Question: Did you and Z do anything naughty at the restaurant we all worked at? Or was that just Brian and Jessica? GO!

Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

I hear you regarding the lack of planning and completely agree. The main problem is also due to the lack of communication between ministries, and even within a single ministry. If parliament was doing its job they were elected for, they would have realised this glaring problem, but they're more interested in showmanship than serving the people!

Scarlett Cyn said...

Ok, to answer Cat's question, NO. Nothing ever happened Brian & Jessica style (which, would you belive that I only found out about their antics about 5-6 months ago?)I feel like such a dope. With those perverts in the kitchen and back of the "house" you think I would risk it? Ewwww. FREAAKS.

No, no digital camera to speak of yet. It's one of the first things on my list of things to get AS SOON AS I GET A FREAKING JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Whenever THAT is! *sob*)

Indigo Wolf said...

I want to see a picture of Cindy too! I have a stuffed dog named Kris Doggy (he was originally called Kris Krinkle or something like that) that my aunt gave me for Christmas when I was probably 6 years old. I love that dog and still sleep with it. I have a hard time sleeping without him. Silly, I know. Luckily my husband is cool about it :o)
-Carrie Jo