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I've been a quiet little puss, now haven't I? I have a damn good reason people!

I've got a pinched nerve or some such (that damn tall-ass John Taylor!I still say it was worth it, though.) in my left shoulder. Ok, well, the pain is in the shoulder and decided to include most of the whole arm. There isn't much feeling, other than a sore pain. Plus?

(Male Readers: WARNING! Female stuff about to be discussed semi-vaguely! Read on at your own risk!)

Z was staring at me after Iftar (breaking of the fast) doubled over on the sofa in pain. I think, well, it feels like my damn ovarian cysts are acting up, the asshats. The pain lasts for about, oh, 4-5 minutes at a time. It comes and goes but it is really, REALLY severe. Imagine someone sticks a SCIMITAR (curved thick bladed sword) in your abdomen and turns it right, then left, then clockwise again. For 4-5 minutes. Got that visual? Good. Welcome to my world. PCOS is a real and complete pain in the ass. And abdomen. And ovaries, and back, and... and... and.... And I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Hell, not even on Monster for that matter!

Now, I am NOT a baby when it comes to pain. I actually have quite a high threshold. Proof: I miscarried & haemoragged for almost 2 months. The tearing pains of the miscarriage where horrible and I WENT TO WORK EVERY DAY TEACHING Pre-SCHOOLERS during this. (I didn't know I was pregnant at the time, I just figured it was a particulary bad monthly bleed is all.) I can take a lot of pain before I even make the slightest whimper. So for me to be doubled over on the sofa tonight in pain is a rarity. Z was staring at me not knowing what to do. Not that he could do much.

Now you know why I've been all hush lately.

OK MEN! It's safe to read now!

I hope I'm better in the morning, cause I'm in the mood to make my famous blueberry muffins. (yummmmmmmm! If I do say so myself!) My pastries and deserts are extra special cause they are baked with LOVE, y'all! They are big and fat and I don't make them in muffin tins. I make them in mini-bundt pans. SO Adorable! (They are the size of the biggest muffins you've ever seen, but OH-so -pretty!) I will have to take some to my friend Aseel. Cause she BEGS me for them.

Oh well, even if my arm is still a dud, I'll have Ari help me out. She loves baking. (If I can manage to keep her and a spare spatula out of the batter!)

Blueberry muffins anyone??????


Anonymous said...

Honey......I heard Cyn is making us breakfast in bed!!!


Indigo Wolf said...

MMMM blueberry muffins..... oh yeah my favorite. Drool. I'd like 2 (I know I'm a pig but it's good). I can smell it now...yyuuuummmyyy
-Carrie Jo

Indigo Wolf said...

Oh I got so distracted by the muffins I forgot to say I'm really sorry about your pain. I've had 1 cyst once and that was enough for me thankyouverymuch. I typically have a high pain threshold too but it was interfering with ummm, you know *whispers* s-e-x. ;o) I hope yours goes away on it's own. Those little fucknuggets *oops, did I say that?*