A Little Happy Happy

Browzing on my usual newsource on the inet (you know, CNN) I came an Entertainment article that made me smile SOOOOO big and I couldn't click fast enough on it.

Yes, I just love finding articles on this subject.

I am out of my mind happy that MY BOYS new album is out. My FIVE boys. The ORIGINAL 5 members of Duran Duran! I'm so happy I could even kiss that little shit Andy, and he sometimes gets on my nerves but makes me laugh at the same time. WOOOOOO. Roger is back. Yaaaaaaaay. No one drums like Roger T. Nobody. I love me some John, cause when I met him? And took a photo? He put his arm around my waist, and I put mine, stupidly on his shoulder, and pulled my shoulder out of whack, but damn, it was worth it. Come to think of it, Nick and John BOTH had their arms around my waist. (I'm gonna go have nice flashbacks now, don't mind me! )

The new album is out everywhere BUT here where I am. Dammit. I've been stalking my usual music shops, but nada.

So, I will pout and pout some more until I get my new Duran Duran CD (entitled Astronaut) and have to be happy for catching the video on the various music channels. (Thank GOD for Satellite TV!!)

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