My Two Cents

While reading the local paper today I noticed something in the "entertainment" section that, naturally, caught my eye.

The name Pierce Brosnan in bold was what did it. I love me some Pierce. Actually, I had a massive crush on him as far back as Remington Steele which was the ultimate in cornball, but who really gave a damn cause Pierce is adorably sexy, then. Hell, now as well for that matter!

Anyway, it seems that Pierce, damn him, has relinquished his position of OO7. Not only did he relinquish his James Bond role, but he made a suggestion for his successor too! I'm not so sure about this, however.

Pierce, Lord love him, suggested Colin Farrell.

Now you all know that I love me some Colin, that naughty, naughty thing. *Sigh,pant.* Problem is, I'm not too sure how he'd be as OO7, you know? I mean, here I was thinking just the other day about maybe Jude Law being a good one to replace Pierce. Somehow, I just don't think Colin is, um, mature enough to play OO7, while Jude is. Although, Colin has an intensity that I haven't seen as yet in Jude, which could be good.

Although, my very favorite Bond EVAH is Sean Connery, who is oh so naughty and cheeky just like our (hell with THAT!! MY) wee Irish Laddie Colin.

I think Colin is a fine actor. He has done some good stuff. Surprised me even .Held his own against Pacino (Oor was it DeNeiro? Whatever. )which impressed the hell out of me. But to be Bond. James Bond? I'm just not so sure.

Come on. What do you think? Jude or Colin? Any other suggestions? Hell, I guess as long as we don't get another Timothy Dalton we will be ok, no? *shudder, gag*


Indigo Wolf said...

Honestly, I don't like either one of them for James Bond. It's too bad Rupert Everett is gay. He'd be perfect: http://lavender.fortunecity.com/fullmonty/482/rupert.htm

This guy, Jeremy Northam would be good too: http://lavender.fortunecity.com/fullmonty/482/jeremyn.htm

Any toher ideas?

-Carrie Jo

Scarlett Cyn said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! Rupert Everett. Yeah. I agree 200%. (I've never seen a gay man play straight so well, well, excecpt Rock Hudson Rowwrrrrrrrrrrrrr) Excecpt that, um, have you seen him lately? Is it just me, or does he look "full blown" to you too? Poor Rupert.

Thanks Carrie love, I knew there was someone that had slipped my mind, and it was Rupert.

cheryl b. said...

Ewan McGreger!!!!! I love him anyways but think he would make a perfect Bond. Have I ever told you that I can't stand Colin Farrell? Something about him bugs the fuck out of me.
Have you been to Getupgrrl's blog lately? She was asking for trolls so I nominated that stupid girl that pissed me off so much here.

Indigo Wolf said...

OH My GOD!!!! You HAVE to check out this link:
WARNING: Make sure no one is behind you or around you when you go to this link.

Damn he's hot. Do you mean that he looks like a full blown flamer now? I haven't seen any recent pics of him. I was looking for some which is how I found the one above.

I'm not a great judge of him looking more gay because I live in The Castro of San Francisco, so I see guys way more femme than Rupert ever dreamed of being.
-Carrie Jo

Sheri said...

Hmmm...I was going to vote Colin, but I'm digging the suggestion of Ewan McGreger! Have you ever seen 'Down With Love'? The man looks sizzling in a tux.

Scarlett Cyn said...

Um Carrie? THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PHOTO LINK OF TORTURE!!!!!!!!!!! (wooof woof!) Hot is a major understatement. (I have a feeling I will have lovely dreams tonight, even if he IS gay, who gives a rats ass? I sure don't. *Pant, drool*)

I also agree with the Ewan suggestion. An excellent Bond as well. I loved Down With Love. Hilarious.

No Cheryl b, you didn't tell me bout your hate of Colin, but you know, I lust for him, yet there IS something that also gets on my nerves. Brownie points to whomever can pinpoint what it could be. I thought it was just that puppy dog expression with his eyes that he does.

Carrie, what I meant about full blown (So much for my trying to be sensitive to your situation), it's just that in recent interviews, he looks like he has full blown AIDS. (I keep hoping that it's just something like, oh I don't know, Anorexia Nervosa or some such) He is really a shadow of his former self. (He has been doing voices for these cartoon movies lately) And he just looks.... BAD, in a sad way that makes me want to sob uncontrollably, especially when you see an amazing pic of Rupert like the one you gave the link for.

Rupert would be FAB. As would Ewan. Which leads me back to my original post remark. Pierce Brosnan, that cutie, must have been high on something (or seriously drunk) when he suggested Colin, NO??

Hula Doula said...

OOOHH I love love love love Pierce. He's so hot and so fircely mannish!!! I love his look and his demeanor.
Colin might work but Jude OH MY! I don't know. It would have to be a toss up.
Sean Connery was one of my favorites but Pierce is my man!

Anonymous said...

Excuse me.......where are all the bond girls?