Don’t I freaking wish!? Actually, I am.

It seems my dear friend Genuine gave me 10 million bucks. (Isn’t he a sweetheart?) I mean, geez Gen, I know I’ve been out of a job for a few months, okay, FOUR MONTHS, but still! 10 million is MORE than enough to help me get by.

But, you know, since I would be completely stupid to look a gift horse in the mouth, I’ll take it!

Oh shit. This is an imaginary $10 Mil. Just great. Oh what the hell, I’ll play along. It’s nice to dream.

Genuine is having a fantasy-ahem!- a daydream that he can be in Bill Gates’ shoes for a year, and decided to be generous as we all know him to be, and share the love.. AND the money. Such a kind and giving man, our Gen. He is curious as to what we-the readers of his blog- would do if we had $10 Million. So, since he is an imaginary Gazillionaire, I get to be an imaginary multi-millionaire. Ok, that works for me.

Gen honey, you asked for it, you got it!

First things first.

I’d pay off mine and Z’s debts in full and get an excellent attorney to protect my ass (ets) and tell the banks we owe money to KISS MY GRITS.

I’d buy a lovely condo by the beach for my Mom and hand her the title. In the drive would be a cute little sports car for her to scoot around in and make sure she had enough money each month and the best doctors. Mama’s hip like that and she deserves the very best!

I’d put a few hundred thousand in an account for Arianna’s college tuition and fees.

I’d pay monster a monthly fee of maybe $3,000.00 or so to stay away from me and bug off. (look she has 7 kids, I shouldn’t be the only one supporting her, dammit!) Cause the only thing she loves more than herself is MONEY. (If you think I’m buying HER a house, you’re out of your damn minds!) Say it with me now: “AW HELL NO!”
If 3,000 seems like a lot, I’m thinking all inclusive here. She should be able to pay rent here in Bahrain for a place, utilities, food, phone, and have some left over for shopping. Ie: OUT OF MY HAIR. Priorities y’all, priorities!

Daddy doesn’t need the money…. Since he’s invested heavily in property over the years. Instead I’d buy myself a lovely home in South Florida right on the waterway near his home so I could be close to him, Nothing over the top… just right, with a little dock on the property for my boat. My speedboat.

I would buy a couple of properties to rent out here in Bahrain as an investment, a couple for several reasons: 1) NO property taxes, 2) The cost of land and houses to purchase in dollars is low when you consider the fixed exchange rate, and the value is skyrocketing in leaps and bounds like Tigger on acid 3) high rents make for steady income.

I will open some type of construction or contracting company in Qatar. It is booming right now, and there is loads of money to be made, so, all income would be good for my children and future grandchildren. It takes money to make money!

So what if I have money already? Nothing lasts forever! Not for me to just sit and spend although I have no problem spending at anytime! I’m a planner, what can I say?

Speaking of children…. I’m going to the BEST Infertility doctor on the planet, wherever he/she might be. Gimmie my baby (ies)! IVF is tricky; I could end up with twins easily. Two birds with one stone and all that!

Of course, once I had my babies, it would be time for… my tummy tuck. Wheee! And a slight breast reduction/lift. (Stop crying guys. Only down to a D cup or so!) I’m happy with the rest of me. I’d pay for Mama’s facelift though. I’m not being mean, she would love to have one, even though I think she still looks beautiful. I still remember when I was in 3rd grade in the school lunchroom and Mama came in to give me something. All the kids at my table and the one on either side got quiet. Mama came in all smiling at me like a golden angel looking so beautiful as usual, and gave me what she came to give, and left again. All the kids were saying… “I didn’t know your mom was a movie star!!!!” all awed. I was so proud that day!.

A lovely little manor house in either Scotland or Ireland sitting on a few acres with a beautiful view. Like 5 acres at least. That really is my dream, that. I’d split my time between this house and the Florida one.

You knew it was coming, didn’t you? Shopping. Whenever I feel like it, dammit. I love decorating and shopping, and now I have at least two homes for me to fix. And fill. With clothes, and furniture, and stuff. Heh. Not crazy-what-the-hell-is-she-gonna-do-wear-it-once kinda shopping. But shopping.

Now then. I would donate money to charities often. For AIDS research, Cancer research, and perhaps selfishly, finding a cure for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, since there isn’t one, and it affects so many people’s health in so many ways like it does mine. PCOS isn’t life threatening usually, but I would hate for my daughter to suffer from it like I do. It is a big fear of mine. I would like to see cures for all three in my lifetime. That would be wonderful.

Now that I’ve done my Good Samaritan thing, it’s time for me to treat myself….CARS! (Scarlett likes her cars, oh YES SHE DOES!)

I would travel for pleasure a few times a year and make sure I took my good friends with me to enjoy even more! My expense. I’d throw separate, KI*LER Blog parties too! Fly everyone down for the weekend, and have an absolute blast, singing karaoke drunk to the gills and wonderful food, dancing and activities.

A case of Crown Royale and a case of excellent and very expensive wine for Genuine as a thank you for the money.(Never let it be said I’m not an appreciative lady!) I know he’s filthy rich, but hey, it’s simple manners!

I wouldn’t want to spend it all. No. I have income coming in from businesses and investments and would keep the bulk of the money in savings. I’m a planner and I spend wisely by nature. I’m one for getting the best value for money.

So there you go Genuine. Curiosity appeased now? *wink*

I wonder what MY readers would do with 10 million?


Mare_Imbrium said...

Wow. What a dizzying array of things you want! That all sounds fabulous, but it sounds like more than ten million to me - but them maybe that's because I live in So. California where in places even a modest single family home can run you over half a million dollars.

What would I do with ten million? Hmm..Well, pay off all our debt. And buy a house for myself (that would probably be close to a million right there, I'd like to move back to the nicer area we lived in when we were DINK's) and one for my mom (ditto). Everybody would need new cars (I have four siblings) - I would want a Honda Odyssey AND a Mini, personally.
I'd hire myself a personal trainer and a chef for a while so I could eat healthy and exercise and lose weight and such.
I'd put away enough money so that we could live without working while my husband and I finish college.
I have a large list of kids for whom I would give different amounts of money for college - no, not hundreds of thousands (except for my own children) but I would still probably put $10-20k into investment accounts for the children of most of my friends and relatives - they're all still pretty young at this point, so they have plenty of time to make interest.

And the vacations! Cruises to Alaska, trips to England, Scotland, Ireland, Europe. I would pay for my mom and her husband and any other family who wanted to go to go to Syria, where my mom's husband's family lives (I'd go too), and then we'd go to Egypt, because I've always wanted to go to Egypt since I was 11 years old and we did the Ancient Egypt unit in school. And you know, while we're in the area, maybe visit the coast over there on the Persian Gulf...heh. Also travel to Africa maybe, and Asia...I'd pretty much like to see the whole world.
Also, I have a lot of internet friends and I would throw the most awesome bitchinest party ever in Las Vegas, on me.

Darn...I wish I was fabulously wealthy! Sorry this is so long!

bre said...

What would I do with all that money? Hmm.... Ten million dollars would be pretty. Really pretty. I would most likely pay off all my hospital bills and school loans, go back to college for digital graphic arts, then go for different courses. oh boy oh boy oh boy..... culinary, I love to cook as well, uhm, Interior Design, Interior decorating, Uhm, Fashion Design, Oh how I would love to get my hands into all of that!!!! and to think i hated school, lol. I would get my mom and her boyfriend their own house, where ever they choose, I would have my own 2 story house, victorian style (drool), uhm, I would *finally* have my lisence and a car of my choice (or two, i want a truck as well, that would most likely be the redneck in me lol). Uhm, i would be able to help my friends out who have kids who are having a rough time affording even electricity, and after all of my charity work, I might have to get a membership to a private gym, where i can possibly be by myself. That is, if I have any money left over. then there are the little things.... i don't have the shoe fetish that you have, but i also have size 11 women U.S. Also, strappy sandals are no go for me cuz of a severe case of cankles. If you don't know what they are, lemme know, i will explain. any who, my wardrobe is severely out of date. My gallbladder would be gone (starting to have pains again at this moment). but all in all, i think i would have me some serious FUN!