Size DOES Matter!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving yesterday! I did. I love turkey day. Yes I do!

I just had to make a quickie post about the turkey I worked on yesterday. The turkey weighed in at around 48 pounds. That sucker was SO BIG. Goodness, it took forever to cook.

Yes, I said 48 pounds. But it tasted great.

I also had to share one of the funniest things I’ve heard in a while (well, until today, but that’s another post!). My student, after quite a few glasses of Chivas Regal on the rocks (of which I poured some into my empty water glass and he told me “Hey! That’s whiskey!” and I said “ yeah, I know”, and I promptly downed it!) said to the room at large: “But a turkey is just a big chicken, isn’t it??” We all gave him a huge “NO!” and he said “Yeah, it is. It’s just an INFLATED CHICKEN, right?”.

Inflated chicken?…………….

*Shocked faces, mouths gaping in disbelief*


“Um, no. A turkey is totally different from a chicken. They are distant cousins or some such, but…. An inflated chicken? Heheheheheheheeeeeeee NO.”.

I think I’ll leave y’all with that thought.

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