A Dry Spell

I'm sorry to say, I've got nothin. But I really REALLY want to post today. A nasty case of writers block. Nasty stuff that.

So, regardless of of my lack of creative literary genius, I will instead issue a PSA.

I have recently finished forcing myself to read the book Holy Fools by Joanne Harris. In case you don't recognise the author, she is the lady that wrote Chocolat (Johnny Depp was in the movie). This has to be the only book IN MY LIFE I have ever literally forced myself to finish and suffered throughout the whole. It was such a drag that it took me one month to finish.

So what(?) you may think! Keep in mind a couple of things, if you will. 1) I am a speed reader since second grade and 2) I have no problem reading a 400-500 page book in 4-5 hours or less with excellent retention. Now then.... this precious book took me.... A FREAKING MONTH.

Why did I keep reading? Because. Well, I had nothing else to read and two... I borrowed it from a friend who got it from her MIL to be and I know, just KNOW she's gonna ask me how it was. The best part of it was.... the last two chapters. The rest of the book I had a hell of a time keeping track of who's head was up who's butt, to be honest.

So, my Good Samaritan duty for the MONTH is to tell all of you... Please, for the love of God and good books, DO NOT READ OR PAY GOOD HARD CASH FOR THIS BOOK.


cheryl b. said...

I had the same problem with Great Expectations.

Mare_Imbrium said...

Okay, I'm a nerd, but I had the same problem with a book called They Fought Like Demons: Women Soldiers in the Civil War. I had to force myself to the end.

I'm sad for you having nothing else to read for a whole month but a book you hated, btw. Even if I wasn't in school right now (or perhaps because I'm in school right now) I have a list of books I want to get to that's a mile long.

Scarlett Cyn said...

I hear ya sisters!

You know, It was the only thing to read that I hadn't yet read about 40 times already and recently.

I just COULDN'T read the Harry Potter series AGAIN so soon... you know?

Bookshops (for English reading) here SUCK. They suck AND are WAAAAAAAAAY overpriced. Dorks. Asshats. Even worse? I've got about, um, 60 books at my moms for absolute ages that as SOON as I get a job and some cash in my widdle fist are gonna be shipped here ASAP. Amazon bastards don't ship directly here anymore because.... THEY ALSO SUCK. Asshats.

Lord but I miss Borders, Barnes & Noble, Crown Books, etc.. et al. *sobbing uncontrollably* WaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhHHHHH!