A Random Observation and Brilliant Idea!!

A funny thing happened to me when I went by my local cold store down the street. This is the Bahrain version of a 7-11 or AM/PM minimart.

I was wandering down the aisle, and I happened to notice the condom display. One thing in particular caught my eye.....a product by Durex. Chocolate flavored condoms. The quote under the flavor notification was "for greater fun". This is their "Select Temptations" line. Hmmmm. Interesting.

Now normally I wouldn't notice condoms.. I mean, I"M INFERTILE, I'm 'blessed" (read: cursed) with God's own birth control. So it's not like I've really needed the damn things for the past 16 years or anything so that I noticed them at all is funny.

Chocolate flavored condoms for greater fun, eh? I suppose that this is to make giving a bl*wjob to a guy wearing a condom more fun for the woman? Yeah, whatever. So. Y'all just KNOW that my mind started wandering over this and I had an idea! (Aren't you all shivering in your boots now? I know you are!)

For REAL fun... they should make caramel flavored lube, so that you can make your own Banana sundae! (This is probably where Cheryl b. is gonna jump and hit the "leave a comment" button since she once upon a time worked in a s*x shop) Now THAT sounds like fun. What you guys think? What about pineapple or butterscotch or strawberry flavored delay spray/gel? I'm a genuis, huh? (Or just dirty minded, perhaps)

Ahhhhhhh, the workings of my mind continue to amaze and astound me!


Mare_Imbrium said...

Hmm...way back when my husband was this guy I was sort of dating, he had this strawberry flavored gel that warmed up when you blew on it. But since it was something he had used with the old girlfriend, I made him throw it out. :) But I have seen a lot of fruit flavored gels and such since then (there probably is banana). Never caramel though. They also have body powders that are flavored I think.

They need an ice cream flavor too if we're going for "turn your man into a sundae!"

Scarlett Cyn said...

Oh how do I love Mare? Let me count the ways! You're so funny - and forgiven cause you were a sick baby too! Hope you're feeling better by now sweetie.

BUt honey, you said "WHEN YOU BLOW ON IT".......

bwahahahahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Good on you you made him toss it. I'm still waiting for our 'resident' expert to supply info. Otherise, we should create our own.

Anonymous said...
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