The Inquisition Confession - Week 9

Well, we are on another Tuesday and you know what that means! Answers to the questions you asked. There's just one little bitty problem......

I had ONE, count it, ONE question this week. *blows raspberry at you who remained all SILENT* I would email you to nag (Ollie) but, well, Ollie, I seem to have misplaced both your email add AND URL in the big computer posession of last week. The rest of you slackers, you know who you are! The only one I can think of with a viable excuse would be this wiseguy cause he has had a fever of 102 and his whole family is dawg sick.

Me with hurt feelings and throwing guilt trips isn't pretty, now is it? Make it up to me for next week, hmmmm?

Fortunately Carrie Jo still loves me and as proof of such, we have the following question from her this week:

Have you ever considered being a flight attendant and why, or why not?

First off, Kisses and hugs for Carrie Jo. *squeeze, smoochy* Now then, for the answer I'm sure you are all awaiting with baited breath......

Nope. Never wanted to be a flight attendant. The reason was that usually jet lag knocks me right on my ass, although I've always loved flying and airplaines since I was a small child. In fact, one of my first words, after mama and dada was ai-pane, ai-pane. Don't ask why I had to say it twice, I always said it twice whenever I heard or saw one and would get ALL excited even as an infant. I also flew by myself cross country since the age of six. I kinda liked the idea of being a pilot, but then we get back to the whole jet lag issue, now don't we?

What I really wanted to be, which was kinda LIKE a flight attendant was a cruise director on a cruise ship. (It would seem that The Love Boat influnced me mightily) This probably would have been really good for me actually. I adore cruises and cruise ships, (been on several), but that option kinda appalled my Dad and stepmom when I answered their question with this job idea.

Julie McCoy my ass. Try THIS on for size: "Hi! Welcome aboard the ________! I'm Scarlett Cyn and I'lll be your Cruise Director!"

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. MUCH BETTER!

Well, that's all she wrote. I *stomps feet* expect a better turn out next week sukahs! Capiche?


cheryl b. said...

I'm so sorry baby, I have been WAY busy lately. If my head wasn't attached I would have lost it long ago.

Mare_Imbrium said...

I didn't have a fever of 102, but it was close. 101.lots or something. That and the exhaustion that comes from being sick when I was supposed to be sleeping affected my ability to think of good questions. So sorry.