From The Mouths Of Babes

I got a good chuckle from my almost 3 year old niece today that I just have to share with you all.

Today, while doing my daily nursing/doctoring duties with my triplet nieces and nephew down the street who are really so very sick with lung and sinus infections and then playing with them so they don't hate me for being the "bad guy" for giving meds and doing mean things like flushing out their noses, suctioning all the "boogies" and saline used to flush said nostrils followed by nose drops, temperature taking and administration of Tylenol infant and nebulisers as needed. Yes, I was in the doghouse with three 6 1/2 month olds and had to atone for my sins by playing, kissing, hugging, singing and entertaining them afterwards. God but it felt good to hold babies close in my arms and kiss their sweet heads, sick or not. I love children THAT much!

Their big sister, Leya, is my little pal, but my-oh-my is she a character! Herein lies my story.

After my medical/entertainer duties, it was Leya's turn with Auntie. Fine. After that, I left her in charge of watching over her sisters and brother (since she already has the 3 nannies firmly in control). She answered with a serious: "Yes Auntie. I'll take care of them!" but before I could leave the front door, she came running after me and insisted on showing me her new array of Christmas presents under the tree. I then worked her up about Santa Claus's upcoming visit. Next, was the eternal question from me since her mother had been racking her brain the night before wondering……

"What do you want Santa to leave for you under the tree Christmas Morning sweetie? Shall I send an email to Santa for you?"

You will never believe the answer I received in a million years.

Leya: " YES! SEND SANTA AN EMAIL FOR ME PLEASE! Well…… I want a really pretty dress!"
Me: "Ok. A pretty dress, and what else?"
Leya: "yeah, a pretty dress….. and……………………………. A bra."
Me: ------- *blank stare*----------
Leya: "I said I want a bra, Auntie Cyn! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"
Me: (Sounding strangled)"You really want a BRA for Christmas from Santa?"
Leya: "YES! A BRA A BRA! And I want panties too!"
Me: (weakly) "Let me check now. A pretty dress, a bra and panties? Is that everything?"
Leya:" Ummm…….also tell Santa I want LOTS of SWEETS in my stocking, ok?"
Me: (laughing my butt off)"So, let me tell you what I will put to Santa in my email, and if it's ok, I'll send it, allright?"
Me: "Ok. How's this? 'Dear Santa, I have been a very good girl this year and a very good big sister to my new sisters and brothers. Could you please leave a pretty dress for me, a bra and panties, and lots of sweets for me on Christmas Morning? I will leave milk and cookies out for you to eat! I love you Santa. Love, Leya'. "
Leya: "Yeah, that's good Auntie Cyn! Send it just like THAT!"

I blackmailed her for my goodbye kiss and left the house laughing my ass off all the way on the walk home while dialing her mother's mobile phone no. I told her about her daughter's wish list for Santa and she, who was having a little snack at work, promptly started laughing so hard mid chew that she sprayed quite a bit out saying "OH MY GOD! ARE YOU SERIOUS??WAAAAAAHAAAA". Lovely, no?

God but I love children.


Indigo Wolf said...

That is too cute! Reminds me of my little sis when she was around that age. Speaking of which, here is my question for the week: What should I get my 13-year-old sister for Christmas? I haven't a clue...

-Carrie Jo

Mare_Imbrium said...

how cute. Little kids are so funny. I was cracking UP the other day about Julia (of Here be Hippogriffs fame) talking about her son turning off all the lights and saying "we're in the dark!" heheehe. I can't wait until my son can say more than three words (I really can't wait. I mean, he's almost 18 months old!).

Oh, here's my question. I had a couple of good ideas but I'm going to go with this one: If there were no consequences, what kind of a trick/practical joke would you like to play on Monster? I thought that would be a fun little imagination exercise for you. :)