Just DO IT, willya?!

In case you haven't heard, there is the upcoming BOB's, or Best of Blogs Awards 2004 coming up hosted by BlogMechanics.com. . *hint hint*

If any of you are new to blogging or just plain clueless (like me half of the time), I highly recommend you check out this site for any and all assistance and it is the result of two really fantastic bloggers putting their blogging genuis together! (Could I really pimp them any more than this? Time will tell, now won't it?) Back to work bitches!

Anyhoo, back to the awards! It's a great thing, since there was a previous awards thingie but they were all asshats and only really considered political blogs, and doesn't that sound BORING AS HELL? Why read a political blog when you can read something infintely more interesting? (If you actually had to move your cursor over that, then you don't know me very well, do you?)

Check it out and don't forget, there is still time to NOMINATE your favorite blog before December 24! (you did it again with the cursor, didn't you?) You could really make a blogger's day by nominating them. Like, say, MINE FOR INSTANCE! So again, with the Gwen Stefani quote because it is really so appropriate: WHAT YOU WAITING FOR?

I'm a shameless thing, aren't I with all this self-promotion and pimping of blogs, aren't I? I must say, I learned from the best!

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