Guilty Pleasure

I think it's time I admitted to another guilty pleasure.

I'm a closet Jerry Springer fan.

Come to think of it, I've just announced it on the internet now, so I guess I'm not in the closet about my love of Jerry's show any more, now am I?

Before anyone says anything about it being staged or what not... I don't belive that it's all real, although I do belive that many of the situations DO exist in the world. I don't give a rats ass if it's staged or not. I like it for it's entertainment value. You know.... stuff like this:

Well, this lesbian was pissed at her girlfriend being a slacker and not working, then hanging out with this BULLDYKE named BUBBA while she is out slaving away working her tail off at work to support said girlfriend. BUBBA!!!!!! What a name. HAAAA as if THAT wasn't funny enough?So, she was pissed that Bubba is eating all her food when she's at work and whatnot.. particulary her potato chips... (this is SO REDNECK DYKES ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY!!Mind you I have nothin against lesbians whatsoever. But this? Is something else.) so... then it comes out the bubba is bangin the girlfriend while she is at work AND eating the food. The hard working lover is really pissed about Bubba eating her food. Almost more than she's upset about her doing other stuff. She kept on bitching about the food, then the sex and cheating in her own house, then back to the food-on and on about the damn food, and the chips, dammit; and then JERRY, BLESS HIM, says: "So? Are you more upset about the eating or the cheating?" then walks off and mutters under his breath" Although it's basically the same thing, now isn't it?"

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaahahahahahahhaahahahahahaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! Jerry!! Jerry!! Jerry!!!!

The audience comments are prime also. It's all for a chuckle. What makes me howl with laughter is when the women attack each other and yank the wigs off and then you see a wig go flying into the audience. Funny.

I mean, Jerry's program is a crack up, and I take a break from watching Discovery Civilizations, CNN,Discovery Channel, The History Channel, E! (for my celebrity gossip! Another guilty pleasure) etc..for a good laugh.

You all already know about my obsession with Survivor, so, add this to the pot.

Jerry is even MORE dear to me now. When I moved here from the States, Jerry wasn't shown here. I couldn't get my mitts on it until a few months ago. (Thank you SHOWTIME!) Now, every night, I can get my Jerry fix.

Oh, there was Rikki Lake, Maury, Montel, and I have Oprah. But no Jerry. Now I have JERRY!

What the hell. It's better than looking at monster's antics.

Y'all still love me a wee bit?


Scarlett Cyn said...


Before ANYONE, ok Southerners, comment about my redneck crack.... hush. My Mama is a Southerner from South Carolina, and technically, I was born in Florida, and I don't know how much more SOUTH in the USA you want me to get. So, relax babies, hmmmm?

Where's Jeff Foxworthy when you need him, I ask you?

Catrina said...

Did I ever tell you about my friend who was on the Jenny Jones's show? Well, it was all made up! She and this guy were in on it together! They pretended she had a secret crush on him at work, and she got a free makeover! They were totally convincing! Free airfare, free hotel room, $$ for food for the 3 days they were in Chicago....A mini vacation!