Nag, Nag, NAG!

Happy Monday to you all! Yeah, I know, 'Happy Monday my ass!' many of you are probably thinking, since it's your first workday of the week. Still, be glad you HAVE a job, hmmm?

Don't worry, I'm sure I will come up with some zinger posts about work once, if ever, I am gainfully employed again. This unemployed stuff is driving me up a damn wall, is what.

Patience. Or as I heard recently... "Luck is when you have planned in advance for an opportunity that presents itself to you.", or something to that effect. Uh-huh. Since I'm an almost OCD-level planner type person, that little bit of wisdom really struck a chord with me.

For example, I plan to eventually fancy up my blog. You know, go all out and hire some fantastic designers like MOXIE to do something for me and get my own domain name because I absolutely adore their work. I have planned so much that I have detailed ideas about column titles and sections and design ideas written out by hand.

See what I mean? OCD level planner. So. On that note, it is time for a wee bit of nagging.....

because you have until the sun rises on the Pacific Coast tomorrow (that would be Tuesday for the inebriated, heavily medicated, or hung over) to get your darling question in to me.

ME! ME! ME! ME!!!!!!!!!!

I'm nagging at you why? Because I did a vewy baaaad thing. (Elmer Fudd voice) It seems that I missed celebrating De-lurking day! For shame. Frankly? I DO give a damn. So it's Happy Belated De-lurking day here at Scarlett's Haven. Knock yourselves out.

So. A question. Pretty much anything you can come up with. (oooh. I'm kinda skeered.*shudder, twitch*) It can be simple or complex. Innocent or, well, dirty. I mean, jeez, I got asked for a p*nis story last week! Heh. Y'all are funny.

Bring it on! I can take it. I think.

PS: I'm feeling better today, although? The throat is getting to me every now and then and sometimes I am sounding like Demi Moore with a sore throat and I'm still a wee bit congested, but otherwise, fine. *knocks on wood*

PPS: PSA: If you have not seen "Without A Paddle" , please go rent it and prepare to laugh your tail off. If you like comedies, that is. Its. Hilarious. (I couldn't stop saying SCOTTY DOOOO! through the whole movie though.)

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cheryl b. said...

What is your favorite book and why?
(fairly tame I know, I was looking at Little Women while trying to think of a question)