My house should be under quarantine, I think. What began as a nasty attack of allergies and sinus last week for Arianna and I, first went away, so we thought, and has come back in other ways with a vengeance.

I've just been fighting one of my famous migraines for days now-oh yaay- and I've got really severe nausea and, well, let's just say I'm waiting for things to run their course. Ugh. The worst part of it all, for me, is the pain in my head even when I sleep. And the pain in my stomach also. It is decidedly unpleasant. But that is nothing compared with my poor baby.

Poor Arianna has the nastiest hacking cough. I took her to her pediatrician this afternoon after she came home from school. She adores this man to pieces. He loves her to bits too. He was so very busy and was about to go home for the day but I called his cell when his nurses told me on the office phone that he was too busy to see her. Hah. Bullshit. So I called him directly and told him she wasn't feeling well and he told me to bring her right away. You would think those nurses would know me better by now, wouldn't you?

We went and waited… and waited… the waiting room was PACKED with parents and children.. lots of sick children. They took her temp… nothing. Good. The weighed her… she's gained weight. Her height? Has shot up in the last two months or so quite a bit. Finally Doc H got to see her.

The visit started off like it usually does and has since she was 4…. With them giving each other a big hug and him kissing her head. Then, up onto the table where he discovered that her little sinus and allergy problems have gone into very bad laryngitis and a chest infection.

This man is genius. He, in under 2 minutes, talked her in to getting 3 days antibiotic injections instead of taking it orally for a week, starting today. Bless him, he didn't tell her he was going to give her TWO injections today only, one antibiotic and one for the throat swelling which was causing the pain.

He doled out double the candy he does for other patients, because she is his pet, and gave her a massive balloon. More hugs and the like ensued as a goodbye. I wandered off to the pharmacy and then went to hunt down Priscilla to give her the injection. Perhaps you will remember Prissy from my earlier posts during my IVF tries? She gives a good injection, she does. Prissy and Sheila are the only ones Ari will let near her butt with a needle, and frankly? I don't blame her one bit.

Injections given and now it was time for my heart attack. We don't presently have medical insurance (sob, scream) which is really bad considering how much Ari and I use it here. The monthly payment for both of us to have private medical insurance with NO co-pay and full hospitalization costs covered if and when needed is only a tiny bit more than the bill for just today was. (This was my argument for keeping it when Z let it lapse 6 months ago without my knowledge at the time. Payment per month is only about 20 bucks more per month than one visit for ONE OF US including meds and NOT including any lab work or x-rays. So, insurance just kinda makes sense, ya know? ) Did he listen? Um, no. So therefore my coronary today would be caused by the BILL to be paid in Cash. Like, now. It was the equivalent of $240.00. On the bright side, if I keeled over, at least I was in a hospital, right? Heh.

Well, Arianna already her breathing sounds better due to that antihistamine injection she had and I'm just waiting for it to conk her out for a nice long sleep. Then?

Then Mama Cyn is going to grab a cat or two, go curl up in the fetal position on my wonderful snuggly bed in a pitch dark room while my head throbs and eventually explodes. Well either my head or my stomach will explode. It's anyone's guess which will go first.

Daddy Z can do observation duty on Ari while I whimper in the dark. I'm outta here for now.

PS: If y'all want to think up any questions now for this weeks Inquisition, be my guest!

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