Hiya! Wanted to remind anyone that wants to play, cut off is tomorrow for the Inquisiton questions. I have to say, I'm awfully curious as to what y'all will come up with for this first Inquisition of 2005.

Ari was sick and vomiting over the phone in my ear yesterday. This is NOT what a mother wants to hear over the phone when she is out of the house for 40 minutes. Jeez. Then she slept for about 14 hours and didn't go to school today and is fine now. WTF?

Me? My throat kind of burns and my sinuses are being funny too. I'm a grumpy butt and kind of down today. Z set my mood off yesterday by reiterating that I should be kissing Monsters ass and that I'm a jerk for not doing so and that all my bad luck is deserved for not being an asslicker for her. Asshat. (Gee, and how was YOUR day?)

I'm so OVER that crap. No more of the asskisssing for her. Nuh-uh. My reaction was to stare at him in shock with my mouth gaping open. *shakes head in disgust* Mood is still shit. (mine)

So go on, make my day. Cheer me up. Ask me something good, will ya?


cheryl b. said...

My question will follow, but first, to cheer you up....
When I worked at castle there was this guy who worked at 24 hour fitness and he had to put little boxes in all the local businesses for monthly drawings for free trial memberships. So he came in about once a week to collect them. He was very nice and we talked a lot (I thought he was gay!), and he had a big crush on me. I found out that he stripped in his spare time for extra money (like at bachelorette parties). Did I mention that he was wicked hot! So he comes in one day and wants me to help him pick out something new to ware to his stripping gigs. I gave him a black leather thong and a pair of chaps. He asked me to wait by the dressing room to make sure it looked good, I was more then happy to oblige. When he was done he opened the door and WAS ONLY WEARING THE CHAPS! I'm telling you, no matter how many pictures and recreations of cocks you see there nothing so shocking as the unexpected sight of one waggaling at you.
Question time.....
What is your funniest penis story?

Indigo Wolf said...

I'm sorry about posting my Q late, but I only remembered after I went to bed and I wasn't getting back up ;o) So my question is: How much of a bitch does one have to be to get their money back from a company that took it when they weren't supposed to?

-Carrie Jo

Catrina said...

OMG Cheryl. You opened the door. I can't tell you the hundreds of weenies I've seen through my years as an ICU nurse. I don't know which one was more memorable: The 80 year old with an implant, or the 80 year old with genital warts! Or it might be the edematous scrotal sac that we have to find a way to elevate because it was swollen all the way down near mid thigh. I've blindly inseted catheters into folds of skin just praying I'll get a stream of urine....Oh and ladies aren't the only ones that get yeast infections. I'll leave it at that. Hey Cyn, remember when I was pregnant (and no one knew) and we went to that gay bar with the male dancer and I put cash in his string? AAAAAHHH.....the good 'ol days. And then that lezbiana asked if I would put money in her panties? Sorry this comment is so gross. Hope it made you smile. Question: What colors are your walls, or what color do you want to paint them...or are you a wall paper girl?

Indigo Wolf said...

Wel, I answered my own question (One should be nice to get their money back, it works better). So now I need to give you a new question. So...Who were your famous people crushes in middle/highschool?
-Carrie Jo