Inquisition Confession – Week 15

Well my darling blog readers, welcome to another Inquisition week and the answers you seek to the questions that burn your collective brains to a crisp. You've all been visiting over and over to see if I posted the answers, didn't you? Waiting with baited breath so to speak, eh?

Okay, maybe not, but let me have a happy thought, hmmm? I could use all the happy thoughts I can get, you know?

It would seem that my darling and beautiful daughter Arianna created a monster this week with most of the questions as most of them are animation/cartoon related save one. That is fine by me! It turns out that Ari's simple statement/question/suggestion/Direct ORDER about me letting y'all know my favorite Disney Princess turned into a poll or meme of sorts. That's ALL good. I like it! I like it. I get to know a little something about you all while I spill my guts.

Well, on to the good stuff.

Cheryl b. asked me:

I'm going to guess Cinderella (evil stepmother-evil MIL, it's all the same). Tell Ari that my fave is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Mark just got me a Belle porcelain doll dressed like a ballerina. I'm so not a girly girl but I love me some Disney princesses.

Question time! What animated character do you find attractive?.

Weeeel sugar, the animated character I find most attractive is…:

Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. He is hot. Until he opens his mouth, that is. He just needs a personality transplant. But that guy is good eye candy. Gorgeous. The Beast, when he becomes human is pretty cute too, but that Gaston? Num num.

Carrie Jo, in keeping with the animation theme asked:

What is your all-time favorite cartoon character and why?

I love me some Bugs Bunny. I adore Bugs Bunny. I really REALLY do. Bugs is so damn cute, awfully smart, sarcastic as shit, and is absolutely adorable. I also love it when Bugs dresses up in drag, especially as Carmen Miranda. It cracks my ass up. Yes, Bugs is a renaissance bunny!!

Grown woman that I am, and having seen every single Bugs Bunny episode evah countless times, I will STILL sit down and watch that scrrewy wabbit and laugh my tail off.

Mare asked me:

Do you prefer pantyhose, thigh highs, knee highs, or garter belts and stockings?

oh and if we're taking a poll, my favorite Disney Princess is Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. I love that movie. Unfortunately all her merchandise has her in a pink dress and I'm of the "make it blue" persuasion.

Well, practically speaking, I usually use pantyhose but, on special occasions have been known to use garter belts and stockings. But for everyday?? Pantyhose.

I love thigh highs, but, they are a bit uncomfortable because I have quite curvy/ muscular thighs from all those years of dance classes. It's that grippy thing I think on the insides. My skin is pretty sensitive too, so that grippy stuff doesn’t' go over too well.

A little sekrit? I absolutely adore black seamed stockings or hose. Love em.

A little funny fact: I heard once about a study that was done on female drivers that wear pantyhose vs. ladies that wear garter belts and stockings. Interestingly enough, the garter belt/stocking wearers were better drivers.

I wonder what MAN thought up THAT study?? Hahaha.

Now, for my favorite Disney Princess… Cheryl B guessed it. My favorite STORY is Cinderella. Ever since I was a little thing I loved that story. Princess Aurora is my second favorite Princess. (Ari's favorite is Aurora also like Mare "Make it Blue" persuasion as am I.) Our favorite scene is the war of the wands over what color to make the dress. It's a crack up. My MIL laughs just like Maleficent, by the way! Bwahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa.

For the record… the Princess that gets on my LAST DAMN NERVE is Snow White. The Dwarves, I love, but Snow White? Can you say nails on chalkboard? Ari (who is reading over my shoulder as I type)said that her Grandmonster looks suspiciously like the person in Snow White that offers her the poisoned apple.

Hey! I didn't say it, I'm just repeating!!

Thank you ladies that asked me questions this week. Until my next post, I bid you all farewell!

The End


Mare_Imbrium said...

Maybe the women wearing garter belts weren't better drivers, they just got less tickets because cops would just let them go with a warning. ;)

mrnylons said...

You ever wear stockings over top of your panthose? That is a very sexy look.