Three Strikes...

When you read the title of this post, I bet you thought baseball. Well, I'm NOT going to talk about baseball. It has nothing to do with baseball in fact and more to do with a type of Karma. (since I refuse to say clumsiness!)

See, the weekend has been particularly bountiful in the curses hurled at my head by you-know-who. (How about we call her Voldemort? Haha. You Harry Potter fans will get a kick out of that, I bet!) I have not the slightest idea why the upsurge in vehment curses, but an upsurge there was. In fact, the curses and screaming and all within feet of me, at me, made me almost come []this close to losing my temper. (that would be U-G-L-Y) Somehow I managed to hold on to it. I know that if I flipped my lid, it would be a major incident with EVERYONE coming down on my ass and I frankly wasn't in the mood for it. (ok, them)

Tonight a number of things happened to me in a very short amount of time.

First thing: I went into the Kitchen with the intention to get something from the pantry. I walk up to the closed double door of the pantry, right hand on doorknob, left hand in center of doors to push open and BANG, I push the door open and it shuts on the pad of my left hand ring finger pinching the hell out of it. Well, I've gotten my finger pinched in any number of ways and I didn't think I'd done anything to it. In the second it took me to pull my hand back and flip it over for a look, there was blood POURING FROM IT IN BIG FAT RED DROPS. We are talking instant gusher. It hurt(s) like a sonofabitch too. Still. Off I run to wash it clean and patch myself up with a Band-aid and some Neosporin ointment. It bled for a while and still hurts like hell.

Please forgive any screwed up spelling on this post, as it hurts to type.

Second thing: decide to sit on the sofa with a nice cup of tea and my polar fleece blanket and watch some TV with the hubby. Only, he is in the shower. Never mind that. I brought our tea out and placed it on the cofffe table. I thought I'd sit and do some needlework while I waited for him to finish and so, as I stood, I took my blanket in hand and turned to sit down. Somehow a corner of my EXTREMELY lightweight blanket knocked over my FULL teacup ON TO THE FLOOR, where it bounced on the TILE and onto MY PERSIAN CARPET. (Did I mention that this is my favorite Persian carpet of the three I own?? No? Well, it IS! I love it. It is a Tabriz style and done in a majority of light and bright colors and is 60% silk. The background in the center of it is pale CREAM. Yes, hot milky tea with some sugar in it being dumped on it freaked me the hell out. I didn't care that there was tea everywhere, including UNDER the (also) cream sofa, or on my blanket, or anything else. I was freaked thinking that the tea would stain the carpet irreparably (I was most concerned about the areas where colors were cream, pale blue/aqua and a very pale pastel salmon color). Tea stains like a motherfucker.

Off to the kitchen for an obscene amount of dry and wet towels to mop and clean the mess up. Picture me on all fours, tail in the air, cursing under my breath and unable to use much of the left hand for scrubbing since it still hurts like hell from thing no 1, so slight whimpering when the injury is accidently pressed or touched, soaking up tea and mopping and scrubbing gently the carpet.

Carpet seems all right now, but a big ass portion of it is damp, so, I will know more when it dries. *prays*

Third thing: I still wanted tea dammit and I had a nice thermal teapot flask thingie full, so what did I do? I rinsed out my teacup and refilled that sucker. Uh huh. I promptly noticed the tea POURING OUT THE BOTTOM OF IT. Yeah. More fucking tea all over the damn place and no, the cursing is not so much under my breath anymore, ok? Turns out the cup has a crack in the bottom CORNER of it. Well shit. This is part of a set, dammit. Into the trash it goes. More tea clean up. I kinda lost the tea urge after that, you know what I mean?

Three strikes and I'm out, right? So, my ass should be safe for a little bit right? Maybe I should stay in bed just to be safe?

Anything is possible. I mean, jeez. Angel is due to have her kittens in 3 days, her tummy hasn't dropped yet, and she is stuck to me like glue. I walk, she walks, I sit,she sits. I take a shower, she watches. (Oh wait, that's not new!) I think, bless her little (little HAH! LITTLE MY cute ass!) butt, that she has decided to have her kittens under my headboard. Again. I hate when she does that. As is, she's on my "list" today for what she did to my breakfast.

Turns out fuzzy mama likes peanut butter. I had a cinnamon rasin bagel with peanut butter.... I turned my head for a second, looked back and found her going to town licking the peanut butter from the bagel. Cow. Heh. She ate the half she had attacked, bagel, rasins and all.

As a little reminder if you want to play my weekly Inquisition, please leave or email me a question. I already have one from my daughter who seems to think it is imperative that you all know who is my favorite fairytale princess. (You know, the Disney girls). Yeah, I'm actually going to answer that on my blog to save my ass from her nagging.

I'll give you a freeebie answer early. Like now.

Mayo or Mustard on sandwiches?: Mayo on all sandwiches, not mustard with one little exception: Ham. I like mustard on ham sandwiches, but then again, I don't remember the last time I had a ham sandwich.....

Everything you can think of on a hamburger (make that cheesburger, please) Mustard, mayo, ketchup, secret sauce, whatever.. and everything (ketchup, mustard, e-z relish, onions and/or chili) BUT sauerkraut on a hot dog.

Well hell, I've got the munchies now!


cheryl b. said...

I'm going to guess Cinderella (evil stepmother-evil MIL, it's all the same). Tell Ari that my fave is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Mark just got me a Belle porclain doll dressed like a ballerina. I'm so not a girly girl but I love me some disney princesses.
Question time! What animated character do you find attractive?

Mare_Imbrium said...

Do you prefer pantyhose, thigh highs, knee highs, or garter belts and stockings?

oh and if we're taking a poll, my favorite Disney Princess is Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. I love that movie. Unfortunately all her merchandise has her in a pink dress and I'm of the "make it blue" persuasion.