La La

I thought you all might find this mildy amusing. God knows my daughter does.

God Bless Ashlee Simpson's little lip-synching heart. I have her new single "La La" stuck in my head. It is not only stuck in my head.. I am singing it.... out loud. Incessantly. No lip synching for me, oh no! Much to the amusement of my husband and daughter. Am I singing only the chorus "You make me want to La La..."? Aw Hell no. Of course not! This is ME here people! Its more along the lines of....

"You make me want to La La, in the kitchen on the floor, I'll be your French Maid, when I greet you at the door, I'm like an alley cat, drink the milk up I want more... you make me wanna.... you make me wanna..... Scream.".


Yeah darlings, ALL that I sing, over and over again... out loud.... and more of it too. And it DOES. NOT. STOP. And sometimes? I dance a bit too. My life in musical form. Who ever said musicals are not realistic versions of life? That no one goes through life actually breaking in to song and dance when the mood hits them? I mean, Catrina, come on girl and back me up here... I distinctly remember SEVERAL of us singing and dancing in the back at the restaurant we worked at when I was in college. For the hell of it and because we damn well felt like it. So yeah, it does really happen in real life.

So 'They', whomever they might be,(the ones that said that crapola about musicals) were obviously high on something because it is so very obviously not true. I'd like to walk right up to them and say......

"You make me wanna LA LA in the kitchen on the floor......."


Moogie said...

LOL! Hey..you come on over to my house. My girls got a karoke (sp) machine for Christmas. It is so much fun!

Catrina said...

Those were the days, huh? We would dance to Madonna....Remember the song Cherish? And that picture I had of my Mom that Z said was doing the "cherish" pose? We were quite the singing crowd back then....Oh the hands waving in the air as we sang, "Almoney shosh dorum..." Or however it went. And also, "Deh-leh deh Deh-leh-deh....."