Checking In

Sorry it's been a while since I posted. Did anyone miss me?

I've been working 12-13hr days without a lunch break at this temporary-possibly could become permanant- job I found.

I've been hired for a one-month contract. Whoop-dee-doo. Well, it's better than sitting home I suppose.

The bank is an excellent one, with fantastic benefits. The boss I"m working for is the CEO and he's really a nice fella. My coworkers are nice also. I wouldn't mind being made permanent at all. I wish he would make up his mind. Jeez.

IF working these long hours don't convince him to keep me, then I'm hoping THIS will:

1) The General Manager of the bank took my boss, the CEO, aside and told him frankly that he doesn't need to keep interviewing candidates when the best person for the job is already sitting outside his office. He then told him "Give Cyn a month or so till she learns all the in's and out's of the bank and how it works, and then you see!" And my boss apparently agreed with him.

2) Before this, my boss was asking the GM something and I was pacing outside the open door to tell him some things... one of which was relating to the question he was asking about the religious holiday tomorrow.... I finally butted in and said "But I have the notification from the government offices here attached to a memo I drafted for you to sign (before he got in and knew anything)! (the GM winked at me when my boss turned around and grinned at me in shock) and then he said "well, come on to my office then!" he was shaking his head all the way there and said "How do you do that?" Me: "What?" "him, shaking head and still grinning"That! Did you take a course?" "Me: "Eh? for What?" Him: How is it you know just what I want when I want it or before I know I want it? Did you learn this in a special course or something?" Me" No. No course. It's just the way I am." He smiled and said "well that's great!"

3) A guy named J from AMEX Dubai (I've been talking on the phone to him and emailing to arrange a meeting, etc. He started out all formal, but then by the 3rd email it was HI CYN! He's from Indiana, been in Dubai for 20 years) flew in for a meeting and was having a lunch meeting with the CEO, my boss, gave me a compliment to my boss. He forgot to tell me until later when he called me on his way to the airport tonight to say "Oh, I meant to tell you I recieved a great compliment on you today during my lunch meeting." Me: "Oh really That is nice!" CEO" Yes, J told me how great you are and how professional and curteous and helpful and then he asked me how long you'd been with the bank and I said, "Um, 10 days." to which he replied "WOW! NO WAY! She is really amazing. I would never belive she was new!"then

*blush* I was really flabbergasted. while I was getting over that... he said "That is exactly what I want, someone that also is really great and professional and curteous on the phone and with visitors too! Someone gracious like you!"

Me: (in my head) "Well, duh. HELLO! So how bout keeping me then???"

Does this dude need a lightening bolt from the heavens to strike him to wake up? Good Lord.

So, in case you were all wondring what cave I'd wandered off to, now you know.

OH, and by the way? Here's an Inquisition question answer for you!

The Confession

I had one question this week. My punishment for not posting too much, huh? *pout*

My buddy Cheryl b still loves me, and so asked:

What's your favorite flower and what makes it your fave? Lame, I know, but I really need a nap.

My favorite flowers are the Iris. (I think that was some real poor grammar right there, but I'm too tired to give a damn right now.) Any color of Iris. The deep purple blue or the bright purple or even the paler lavender colored ones. I love them with their yellow centers. They are tall and graceful and so pretty, even though they really don't smell.

I love Irises and fuschia pink or bright yellow roses. Give me those flowers (together! WHOOT!) and I'm a happy girl. I love those colored roses even more than red roses. I prefer them actually. I appreciate red roses for their beauty, but they don't get me all excited if you know what I mean.

I'm weird I guess. But that's me.

Hopefully next week will be better for all of us!


cheryl b. said...

I did miss you! My favorite are easter lillies, they smell like heaven (not that I believe in heaven, but you know what I mean). I LOVE wild yellow Irises, and Buttercups, and Daffidils (can you tell what my favorite color is?). When (not if) you get hired on permanetly will you still have work the same hours?

Mare_Imbrium said...

I've been too busy, sorry. I was actually thinking about you today and what question I should ask. Oddly enough, I was thinking about it while thinking about what I WISH I could tell this little 17 year old girl who is a friend of my sister's (well, they've drifted apart some the last year or so) who went and got herself pregnant. I'd just love to tell her that babies aren't fun, babies are work, and that being special when you're pregnant just makes it all the sadder when nobody gives a damn about you after the baby's born (I've heard young girls like that will get pregnant for the attention), but then I figure, it's too late for her so why say anything. Then I was wondering what you'd think about it, but I really don't know why.

My ACTUAL question, whenever you get around to answering it, is if you have an obscure interest/hobby that is outside your normal life or field. For example, my younger brother is a business major and doesn't much like reading or research, but he is fascinated by the Chernobyl meltdown. He even bought 19 year old issues of Time Magazine on ebay that talk about the disaster.

I've got my fingers crossed for your job btw. I never understand the thinking of business people. He should just make you permanant and get it over with.