Y'all will never guess what's up!! Then again, maybe you will.

Got a nice little surprise tonight. Miss Scarlett started giving birth. In the litter box. Z found her with the kitten squalling and hanging out. I had NO IDEA she was due now. Z totally miscalculated her due date.

Oh allright. He convinced me I was wrong. I figured she was about a week or two apart from Angel. Does anyone remember that? Well anyhooo... Miss Scarlett? Wanna see how much she loves her Mama (Me)? She filled my order.

This kitten is RED. Yes. RED. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I've been wanting a red for 15 years. Yaaah. Whhooooooootttttt. Now? Lets hope it survives. (please GOD)

My girls were apparently listening to my orders! Yaay. I gave them a few options. Angel's little BOY looks like he is going to be a Blue-point Himalayan. Perhaps like this.

I'm willing to take nice suggestions for names. I wanted Lancelot (he's such a big little man), Arianna wanted Arthur (ie: King Arthur) and Z? He said HORRIBLE things like: Batman, Blueballs, etc....

HELP! We are at a loss. Bring em, on dear readers.

Also? My 'boss' the temp one, today said "yeah, while talking to my wife, she said "So when are you going to get an assistant, anyway?" and I said "Oh! I got this really nice young American girl."

Me: Gape mouthed in shock.......

He stares at me and I say finally, with a HUGE GRIN! "THANK YOU! You just made my, week...no, Month, no YEAR!" He gave me the same questioning look but with a smile... and I said "Young? American Girl? BLESS YOU!" and then...... then? I giggled.

I never giggle. Ok, well, I rarely giggle.

Heh. He called me YOUNG. He is exactly 10 years and 4 days older than me. BLESS HIM.

Also? I have an interview at another bank tomorrow afternoon.... 2 floors down from where I'm working in the same building.

When it rains, it pours!


cheryl b. said...

Lancelot is the name of one of my teddy bears, can you tell me what movie I got it from? Let me think about it, I'll get back to you.....

Indigo Wolf said...

Well, let's see, Dasan is a native american name meaning Ruler, Khairi is a swahili name meaning kingly, Kael is a celtic name meaning mighty warrior, a couple of good hawaiian names: Analu which means manly and Konala which means world ruler. Here's a fun greek name: Matthias which means God's gift to woman.Oh, and Tyrone is a greek name for king. So those are my helpful suggestions ;o)

-Carrie Jo

cheryl b. said...

I can't think of any good names......or questions for that matter......
All right, here's one. What's your favorite flower and what makes it your fave? Lame, I know, but I really need a nap.

Ollie said...

Ok, I am with Arianna on this one. Why do I think King Arthur is appropriate? The little fella is a survivor. You know the legend, how Arthur pulled the sword from the stone and went on to become King of Camelot.. well, if you look at it from a symbology perspective, that little bluepoint mister is going to be king. He was the one among his siblings that pulled the sword from the stone---he escaped their fate. Maybe I'm putting too much into it, but that's how I saw it. I think Arianna's onto something there.

As for the Red, Erik the Red--how about that? (I'm assuming the newbie is a boy, since Reds often are.) Perhaps Rob Roy?

Erik & Arthur? Eh? Whatcha think?

Scarlett Cyn said...

Arthur is a possibility if I can get Z to stop calling him BATMAN. Right now he is 'nameless' until we agree on something.... if you call us calling him "FATBOY" nameless. Well! He is!!

Arianna has unoficcially dubbed the little red dude Garfield. He is a red tabby solid. Does that make sense? Even the stripes are red.

Garfield's mama, Miss Scarlett wasn't feeding him... well, she was hugging him sensless, but he was crying all day for milk apparently. I think she didn't get milk in or something because as a test, I put fatboy at her-who eats INCESSANTLY- and even HE got frustrated. Angel, bless her little heart, accepted her nephew and started feeding him and washing him. It took him a bit, but once he battled over territory (read: nipples) with tubba, he got down to business. About an hour later I went to check on him, touched my finger to his jaw and felt it working-drinking.... when he finally let go, I picked him up and looked at his little face... wet and matted...COVERED WITH MILK. I didn't feel so bad about my decision to take him away from Scarlett to eat.

He is living up to his name last I heard.