My New Toy

For anyone that truly knows me, they will know that sometimes even the smallest, or perhaps strangest thing makes me really happy.

Another little thing about me. Ever since I was a little girl, I've been obsessed with buttons and electronic gadgets. I was beginning to type properly by age 7. We are talking hitting the right keys with the proper fingers. (Thanks Daddy!) and I've always been pretty much mechanically inclined. (again, props to Daddy). He and I used to bum around car junkyards for the hell of it. Give me a screwdriver and some pliers and I was a happy thing, prying all sorts of stuff from those cars..right after I had made fast friends with the guard dog.

But I digress... sort of.

So today? Today I got a new toy at work. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!! Now you are all going to think I'm weird, probably. My new toy is......................

A Xerox Color photocopier machine.

Oh, but it is so much more than that, it can fax, is a printer (with all SORTS of options for printing....yaaay) a scanner, you can even email from it!

I don't know what I like more about it; all the gadgets and options it has, that it will make my life so much easier, is so much more cost efficent for my department, which will look great at year end review time,or the fact that I finagled the price down from US$16,000.00 to US$9,283.75 (plus a freeeeee desk color printer thrown in to boot!). This is just like the three Persian carpets I purchased for the bank's Executive floor recently. (read: area where I am. Hey! First impressions count! Must maintain an elegant standard.) By the time I was done with the price, it was basically buy one with a US$ 900.00 discount , get two free. I'm serious.

I'm good, huh?

It is so much fun! Plus? My boss loves it! The copier is probably his favorite. I don't know which part made me happiest.

Then again, it could be just the fact that it soothed my shopping itch by dropping that much cash that doesn't belong to me.

Yeah, probably.


oliviadrab said...

Not the toy I was expecting, luv. But copiers can be fun too.

bre said...

sounds like fuuuuuunnn. i would have lots of things to do with that too! hey have you staightened z out yet? seems to me he is an ass. what about MIL (i shudder at that name now)? just curious to see if you have throttled her yet. hmmm lesse i think i will join in on inquisition week. my question is: Have you ever thought of being a teacher again? what about being one in the U.S? keeping in mind all the crap that has gone on in the past few years. (btw in ohio two boys are being prosecuted for molesting a special ed girl in the gym of their school, and he principal is being charged for not reporting it)

Pirate Wench said...

The two gifts I've gotten Husband that he loves the most? A paper shredder and a label maker.

If I got him a copier, he might die of the joy.

Jeans Mommy said...

Hey, a toy is a toy - as long as there are buttons and gadgets to play with!