Scarlett's Pet Peeve

You know something? This enquiring mind wants to know, so I just have to ask my fellow women out there in the blogsphere because frankly, I'm both irritated and amazed.

Ladies of the world, how can you possibly not take the literally 3 seconds it will need to take the spare role of toilet paper into the stall for the next poor, unspecting female you WORK WITH, if you know damn well that you've just used the last of the bit on the roll? Really now. How in the hell would you feel if it were you stranded on the toilet seat?

I mean COME ON! We are all in this together. We have to wipe. We are not lucky like men who not only get to pee standing up but also just have to shake it a few times and they are good to go. Oh no, not us. Paper. We need it. I mean, thankfully they have that rinser thingiemajiggy that is a lot like the rinser dealie-bob in your kitchen sink, but STILL! It isn't as if I have the time to drip dry or anything, because as is, and you ALL KNOW IT, I barely have time to pee as is.

So as I'm sure you all have deduced by now, I was sort of caught off guard. SO there I sat, kind of stranded knowing, just KNOWING there is a big ass pile of spares out in the bathroom near the sink. Ummm-hmmm and I was not the least happy about it. I don't ask anything that I wouldn't do myself. I always take the time to put TWO for the other ladies that use the bathroom when I use the last of the roll. Hrumph! Thing is, I can pretty much narrow down my list of who it could be. Because out of the 40-odd staff on my floor, about 3 are ladies besides me.

This amazes me. And for those of you out there chuckling to yourselves about this, just remember one teensy thing:

It can happen to you my friend, and belive me, it will.

PS: Questions people, questions. And Carrie Jo honey? Um, can I have another one? I answered this one two weeks back I think. *ducks head*


Annieb said...

Ok, here's my question (and I am sorry if you have already told us the answer)
What's going on with Z's job? Would he consider looking back in the States again?

BTW-we had the same problem with the TP at my work. Our solution was to have everyone write their name on the empty roll when they changed it and put the roll into a box. At the end of three months, our boss drew out a roll and the winner received a gift certificate for dinner out.

cheryl b. said...

That would make me so fucking mad. I hate shit like that.
Question.....hmmmmm.....will you let Ari get tattoos/piercings before she is 18? Would she even want them?

Pirate Wench said...

I would totally send an email to the other three women with a "gentle reminder." I mean, my God, that's like not giving another woman a tampon when she's desperate. There are Codes of Womanhood that MUST BE FOLLOWED!