A Question

Does it make me a bad fur Mama if I let Gypsy drink the dregs of my hot tea w/milk?

Granted she is only 2 3/4 months old, but she already had her face in my teacup before I realized what she was up to, and she seemed to be enjoying herself so much, I let her finish. It's not as if I was going to drink any after that!

She's such a naughty, adorable little shit that I couldn't help it. With all that snow white fur and those big blue eyes in that innocent expression, I didn't have the heart to stop her.

Z is still arguing with me over the name I've given her, but I'll put it up to y'all, ok? She is absolutely gorgeous, perfect as perfect and adorable as a pedigree persian kitten can be, excecpt: behind that pretty fluffy coat, huge innocent looking blue eyes, chubby cobby body, schmoshy face and loving soul? Is a wild-tempered, naughty thing who will give you kisses with one breath and chew the hell out of your hand in the next and prefers to play rough and beat the crap out of Garfield and Bandit who are more than twice her size and 9 times out of 10 will instigate everything rather than play with, say, her litter- brother.

Personally, I think it's an absolutely perfect name for the shameless hussy!

PS: Keep on the lookout! Inquisition answers are coming shortly!! I promise!!!

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Pirate Wench said...

I think Gypsy is a great name! Sure beats the shit outta Twinkletums or Miss Snugglewuzzums or just about any other cat name I've ever heard.

Husband's ex's new husband had a cat named Mommy Cat. It was soooo creepy to hear him address his cat as "Mommy." *shudder